Chris Jones fined !

CFL fined the coach for not having his team on the sidelines for O Canada on 2 different occasions . Classless on his part , it disrespects Canada and the history of the league . If Bud Grant , Hugh Cambell , Don Mathews and many other greats stood with their teams for our national anthem , so is some rookie coach in his first year !

Disgraceful. Behaviour like that has the Eskimos rapidly moving up my dislike list - even though their turnaround is a great story.

What is his reason for his show of disrespect for Canada?
If this lack of respect for Canada and the people of Canada represents his true feelings, don't fine him, throw him out of Canada!

Hope the fine was large enough so we won't see a 3rd miss. Pocketbook hits if large enough get results ... =1&t=91935#

He also refuses to give interviews to media on game days and halftime. Not sure what his deal is ? You can be a good coach and decent person with out being a jerk .

Clearly doesn’t have much, if any, respect for this country.

Not only disgraceful to Canada but Chris Jones challenges his players before each game to go out and injure other players on the opposition team like Odell Willis did to Zach Collaros, it's smack mouth football as he calls it, go out and smack someone in the head, almost sounds like the coach of New Orleans Saints who was charged by the NFL.

I never liked jones, he's arrogant, his American attitude is wearing thin with CANADIAN Football FANS !! Too Bad he doesn't get it :roll:

He should’ve been fined 5K per game IMO. Im sure Edmontons sponsors will eventually have enough of his being a jerk to the community…then again…maybe not

Half the fans aren't in the seats before the anthem. Fine us too?

It's pretty hard to do for the players, since they are already out on the field by then. Is there video of this? I'm not sure I get it. What are the players doing instead? They must have already been introduced and must be out there.

Jones was fined, Eskimos released a statement saying it won't happen again.

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Case closed.

Was in Edmonton for the game, fans are happy, Eskimos won, all is good. Just leaving for McMahon for the weekend personal double header. Life is good.

Next Question ! cuz it was STUPID !!

Facetious? Sure. Stupid? Hardly.

If he was fined, he should be the one issuing a public apology. The only time a franchise should apologize for the actions of their coach is after he has been shown the door.

Well, you should be able to find a pretty good cheap seat since the game is in Ottawa.

I think he keeps his players in the locker room during the anthem. I understand he thinks it helps preparation but since every other team is playing by the rules, why do this ? I guess the Ketchup salesman had enough and this won't happen again.

Not acceptable and who cares if they won, that is not the issue. The fact is , Jones disregarding rules and tradition is wrong. If Hugh Cambell wasn't too good for it , I'm guessing Jones isn't above it either ?

Yeah, I noticed as soon as I looked for the tickets. I was sure this was a home game, total brain phart. What can I say, I'm old and it happens.

Obviously not, he was fined for breaking the rules. Case closed.