Chris Jones extends thru 2019 in Rider Nation

yah... whoopee S**t

I see you fall into the category of Rider fans who just want all their fave players signed into their 40's while the team maintains season records of 3-15. Don't have to buy any more jerseys that way.

Some want more, and those people signed Jones for an extension.

I would have preferred a 3 year extension, or even more! Hopefully that can be addressed next time.

IMHO - this is good news.

When the team first announced Jones was signed 2 years ago, I was pumped and optimistic - he has a winning record. My opinion waned when the team got all the fines, but now I am back on the band wagon. Almost getting to the Grey Cup, will do that.

Resigning Jones & all the crew, keeps the consistency going. which is what the team needs. All really good teams are consistent at the Management / GM / Head Coach level.

We'll get a home play-off next year.

Go Riders Go.

has nothing to do with 40year old players, I dislike the puttz.

Who cares?

He's doing his job.