Chris Jones Eskimo's Head Coach

Possitive news out ot Edmonton, it will be interesting to see who he brings in for his coaching staff, that will be the time to judge this move. Not unhappy with the choice at this point. Hopefully he can lure Mark Nelson back.

Of course not. Ironically enough, many Toronto fans are not unhappy with Jones leaving the Argos.

Ego Jones will continue the legacy of Kavis Reed. Give it about two years and you'll realize what I'm saying about this guy being a fraud.

Hey Area, do you think you can go a whole month without posting about Chris Jones? Try it. I know it might mean that you pretty much won't post for a month, but it'll be a good test of self-restraint. :wink:

Good riddance to Jones. I hope he brings happiness to EE. Don’t count on it.

Chris Jones has multiple Cup rings as a DC but somehow he's a fraud. :lol:

I love it.

Your wasting your time :lol:

Based on lack of rational posts in the past, I will take this as a ringing endorcement of Jones. Thanks for confirming the hiring.

A motivated Chris Jones is a great thing for the Eskimos. The stench of Tillman is all gone now.

The thing with Jones that many people don't realize: he's a GREAT recruiter. Everywhere he's gone, he's made his GM look good because of his connections down south. Basically, he's like an unpaid extra AGM in terms of the connections he has to bring in quality talent. Edmonton's on-field product is going to get a lot better, through the players he brings in and (most importantly) through his approach to defense. I wouldn't be surprised to see Marshall turfed and Jones acting as default DC with a titular coordinator learning under him, just like Jones learned under Don Matthews in Montreal.

Between him, Hervey and Jones, if Reilly stays healthy, two years this team will be competing at the top of the division for the foreseeable future.

In his interview with Gregor, he answered that. He's not going to meddle but there are fundamentals he believes in that work in the CFL and on defense that's making sure receivers are pushed or timed off their routes on offense it is to protect the quarterback and stay out of second and long. His coordinators will have to deliver on that but I don't see him taking a unit on. He's going to work really close with Ed on the makeup of the roster and work closely with his coordinators on the onf field stuff.

I agree. If they can find a capable OC and Reilly stays healthy, the Eskimos will be a force again in the West.

One interesting dilemma/opportunity that Jones and Hervey have is what do you do with the MLB position. In J.C.Sherritt and Rennie Curran, they have two great players and both will command the first spot on the depth chart. Do you trade one or go with a package that utilizes both. I think platooning them is out of the question.

He's got a solid resume as a coordinator, whether that plays out as a head coach I guess we'll find out and see. He'll have to tone down his outbursts on the sidelines as the man in charge though, rarely do you see a successful head coach losing his crap so often.

What do you mean, Kavis did it all the time. :lol: :lol:

John Hufnagel is no angel on the sideline. Kent Austin frequently loses it during any given game. Also, it's just optics. Coaches may appear to be mild-mannered and impassive when the camera is on them, only to lose it off-camera.

It will be interesting to see who Jones brings in to the coaching staff. I would like to see Mark Nelson make his way back to Edmonton. I'm not sure whether they have worked together in the past. Another possible is Craig Dickinson who I believe worked was on the staff in Calgary along with Jones. I would not be surprized to see Danny Barrett on the offensive side of the ball with Edmonton, apparently Hervey is high on him and was on the short list for Edmonton's HC. With all the teams currently making or eyeing coaching changes, it should be interesting.

Might be a nice guy from what we here, however I was not a big fan of his schemes.
Especially this year with the pressure D and dropping back lineman into coverage.
No better example of this horrid defence was the East final.
A schoolyard designed coverage would have been better.
Good luck to him and really from us good riddance.