Chris Jones contracted extended thru 2019

Most thought Jones wouldn't make it 3 games this year without getting fired and now he has a well earned extension on his contract! :wink:

Watching the Jones critics scramble to try and save face and jump back onto the bandwagon after they had just been calling for his head a month prior - was priceless.

Later on they kept acting like they always knew this was the process Jones was going thru.
Showed how clueless many can be when it comes to building a new club.

Pssst… your head is starting to swell up again.

Did your momma not tell you it is not very nice to talk about other people.

It’s best to talk with people and about things, not cool to talk about people especially in that manner.

Well whoopee S**t, still dislike the ego a hole.

I think RiderNation cares less how you feel about Jones and/or his ego.

Just win, baby.