Chris Jones Back in Edmonton (Coach & GM)

Please explain if possible!! What upside would Simon, the assistant GM have over Jones!! Just a question.

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I'm not sure why the quote three times, but indeed as I am learning, it appears that Simon has great scouting relationships and for sake of ultimately becoming a head coach, he is learning as would most assistance coaches.

I'm not making the leap any further other than I think Simon has upside.

I've already made my points about Chris Jones, especially in the other thread that should be merged with this one, who does not.

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He wins.
Guess there was no better choice but to hold their noses and hire him. If he can bring fans back in Edmonton it will be worth it, until he leaves for something else.

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He won't bring any more fans back than he did the first time he rode his fat arz in Edmonton.


I was surprised they brought him back. But the fans there seem to be satisfied.
I believe him when he said his wandering days are over and he settles in. If he can move there from Tenn it will help a lot.
The true life of a CFL coach is a nomad's lfe and sending money home. Tough life. Calgary and Winnipeg have altered that a bit and keep staff and promoting from within.

We've made inbreeding respectable again. :smiley: :+1:


All I can say is: Go Riders!

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Next question nothing to see here. lol

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Glad to see Geroy finally get a shot towards a possible GM position. Just surprised it didn't come with BC though.


He did nice job in Toronto with defence.

Guys love to play for him. Even Wally tweeted how happy players were to see him back.
What I know is if you give him the talent, he wins. That and being a "players coach" will get you some good deals in free agency.

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Now I laugh. The guy that pretty much told him to leave and withheld everyone's pay to cause that was ...................Ed Hervey.

Ticats just hired him...... :rofl:

Great point that I feel is too often overlooked beyond pro sports. This is true in the workplace too.

Everybody has had good and bad bosses. We remember both. When paths cross again, we act accordingly with more emphasis one way or the other.

Good or great leadership carries with it benefits for life. The reverse is also true if not more, for everybody remembers anybody who wronged them.

Even more fun? Look at the list of free agents in Saskatchewan. Frightening they haven't been working to tie them all up as yet, if you are a Riders fan.

On the other hand 8 of the 11 guys released Dec. 28 were potential free agents. Leaves a short list to deal with, unlike Calgary, Winnipeg, and the Riders.

On this day in 2016, HC/GM Chris Jones cut Weston Dressler & John Chick to save cap space.

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Yup I remember dat