Chris Jones Back in Edmonton (Coach & GM)

According to TSN, Chris Jones has been hired as a head coach and general manager of the Edmonton Elks; both positions he held previously

Really have no horse in the race here other than being OK he won't be back with the Argos next year.

I'm sure he'll do a good job and this was the only place he will have this much control. Have no confidence he'll stick around...the revolving door won't slow down.

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Let the raid on the Saskatchewan secondary begin.

My guess is Willie Jefferson goes back there

I'm sure many of the fans in Edmonton are very angry with this move. I'm glad this a--h--e has nothing to do with the Ticats.


So much for Wally Buono's thorough search for a new GM.

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At the end of the day it’s the board’s call. They were probably pretty hampered by the recent firings to stay under the football ops cap so they needed to find someone who can do both roles. Not too many people out there for that


The guy manages to win.

I guess what Buono's real job was to collect names for Jones' replacement when he bolts on short notice again?

I would have to agree, a lot of players brought into this league tend to be interested wherever Jones is.

With so many free agents and the 1 year contracts, it probably wont take him long to turn Edmonton back into a playoff contender.


Wonder why Toronto isn't hampered by firing two assistants during the season, replacing them with 2 bodies and still being over the cap.


Meh. I don't think we go forward by going back to this guy in a desperation move though the desperation that goes well beyond the league is well at hand.

But it's certainly better than somebody brand new untested who would end up being a patch.

And so I'm thinking Chris Jones works out to be a sturdy patch.

It's a grand assumption right now that the next season kicks off in time in June with reports to training camp on time by early May, plus consider all the American players who will not be making it back and not because they can't play or contribute, so "meh" for me but Chris Jones will do only because the bigger picture is daunting.

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He has to have somewhere to go before he would pull the plug. His NFL tour seems bordering on a total fail. That ship may have sailed so it would be within the league he would have to move. His only "promotion" would be to add V.P to his roles in Edmonton. Can't see a team doing that again, so he probably won't have an out clause until his contract is up.

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That is a head scratcher isn’t it? (Not really).

This league and the people running it have absolutely no respect for themeselves.

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Think of the equalization money. More fans in Edmonton, means more money for t.o.


I think the problem for the board is that there are only so many CFL experienced coaches around. He was available and obviously only came up to Toronto knowing there would be a CFL job ready in the off season. I think he is a good coach but not the greatest personality, however Pinball whom I believe is of high quality character hired him so maybe I am just tainted by his bailing on Edmonton for Sask!

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Really did not want to see this guy back in Edmonton but can’t deny the results where he lands.

Successful coach. Integrity wise not so much.

Should put bums in seats and bring ‘‘em back to their winning ways.


Your last sentence is all that really matters. If the team starts winning a lot of this other talk will go away.

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Merge with other thread? There are a lot of good insights in both of them.

Who wants him in 2023? Put your bid in now and sign him up now for 2023 please.

I have to perhaps credit the executive team and perhaps underestimated them given the folly that was 2021.

Chris Jones the sturdy patch for now.

Come 2023 dump him for Geroy Simon in the house now, for whom there is much additional upside.