Chris Jones at it again...

What an idiot... I'm getting sick of this from him. I wanted to use stronger words but thought better of it.

From TSN:

The Canadian Football League announced a $5,000 fine to Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach and general manager Chris Jones for taking a meeting with the publicist of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Because the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner on their negotiations list, Jones' meeting was adjudged to be tampering. The league acknowleged that the Roughriders did not work out the 24-year-old Texas A&M product.

“The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been notified of the league's decision and accept their disciplinary action,? Jones said in a statement. “We have been forthcoming with the CFL office on any information they have requested. We look forward to moving on and continuing to prepare for the 2017 season.?

The Roughriders as a team were also fined $31,500 for two violations of CFL by-laws relating to suspended players attending practice and the recruitment of a junior player.

As TSN Senior Correspondent Gary Lawless notes, this is the fifth fine incurred by Jones since joining the Roughriders in December of 2015.

Chris Jones is all about Chris Jones. He's bad for the league. He'd do anything to get to the NFL and doesnt care about maintainin the integrity of the CFL.

The kind of guy if you shake his hand you better make sure that your rings are still on your hand.
Poor representation from the top in Sask. but everyone knows it.

Chris Jones n'ira jamais dans la NFL. Aucune équipe ne lui ouvrira ses portes. Qu'aurait-il accompli de si extraordinaire pour y avoir sa chance, et surtout. à quel titre irait-il? Si John Hufnagel n'a pas été appelé, je ne vois pas Jones l'être non plus.

I agree with LeStaf.

While I agree with LeStaf about Chris Jones' prospective potential of heading to the NFL ... I would not rule out NCAA. I can see him bolting for a smaller up & coming school in the FBS or fanatical football factory in the FCS. These guys get paid incredibly well, you'd be shocked. Combine that with tenure and the benefits that go along with being "faculty", (medical benefits, free school for children, on campus housing, etc etc etc) AND that you're basically the biggest deal in that town ... it's totally suited for Jones!

Where is the proof that "he'd do anything to get to the NFL"? He took the Esks to the Grey Cup and then signed a long term contract with the Riders. Wouldn't he have applied for an NFL job after the Esks?
I get it that a lot of posters don't like him but let's not start making up stories.

Then don't start any. He signed 3 years. Hardly a long term contracts. Long term contracts in the CFL are five years. Like Austin, Popp and Buono hold.

The story of Chris Jones is very short. A man who ignores rules and his behaviour undermines the CFL and players. Book it.

With his history of cheating and flaunting the rules, this episode doesn't surprise me in the least.

There should be a rule that with every violation, the punishment is increased, because then it is no longer an accident or a mistake.

Don't be shocked if Jones does something illegal again......and SOON!!!!

Jones seems to be better suited as a Coordinator or Assistant Coach. In a position where he can be reined in by a Head Coach's voice of reason if need be. He seemed to be successful under the authority of Milanovich but on his own he's too much of a loose cannon.