Chris Getzlaf

Can someone please remind me how we lost this stud to Saskatchewan in 2007.

Who was the GM in charge of the team then?

It pains me to know that we kept Chris Bauman over him

Kenny Peters would be able to tell you. :lol: Good 'ol GM at the time, Marcel Desjardins traded Getzlaf and Corey Holmes back to Saskatchewan for the "great" Jason Armstead. We all know how that worked out, but you win some and you lose some. I'm sure the Riders are lamenting the fact that they traded the rights to some rookie named Chris Williams for that "deep threat" we know as Prechae Rodriguez.

Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now … actually just threw up a bit in my mouth

Hey, don't count out Prechae just yet....He just may get his act together once he gets picked up by the Atlantic Schooners in the 2019 expansion dispersal draft.

I knew at the time that we should have kept him instead of Bauman

B'gir..... ummm, Banshee for next GM.

*Actually, not a bad idea. Already has a leg up on travel planning and has certainly made as much or more sense on personnel decisions as some I've seen on the field. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark. :lol:

But at the time he sucked, very inconsistent just like Bauman.

true, they were both prone to dropping balls, but the powers that be should be able to ascertain future potential in young players. That's why they are called talent scouts.

TiCat personell thought Bauman had potential and Getzlaf did not. Big mistake.

Imagine Getzlaf and Williams on the corners or dual SB's. What a tandem.