Chris Getzlaf

I watched some of the game last nite and saw that Getzlaf was making his first CFL start. He looked pretty good and I believe he got a TD too!

Okay, so we trade Getzlaf and Kornegay (who both started last nite) to SSK for Jason French and Thyron Anderson? Gee, who go the better deal on that one.

Just watching the game last nite, there were a lot of guys who we have given up on

-filice (okay, he's not that good but still, he's still playing in the league)

These guys proved that they are still good however,

just because a players get released, or traded doesn't
necessarily mean a team has given up on that player.

There are lots of extenuating circumstances.


For a completely different extenuating cicumstance,

let me bring up Anthony Calvillo being booed so badly here
that he DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK, he asked to be released

Getzlaf looked great. I think he caught 4 for 30yardsish? How can you say Flick isn’t good??? He was one of the top receivers last year and led the cfl in TD's did he not???

Actually we traded Getzlaf with Corey Holmes for Jason Armstead.

O'Neill Wilson caught a beautiful one handed catch in his game last night and was selected as the TSN play of the night. I recognise that name from somewhere as well. :cowboy: