Chris Garrett

Good job DD, taking the heat off of Sheets! I guess I missed it but I thought we would use a combo of Chris Garrett and Sheets similar to Logan/Harris for BC.

But seriously does Garrett still exist or is he injured or ??? I figure he could help Sheets a lot.

Garrett is on the PR. The only reason we saw him play in the last game is because we wanted to rest Sheets. We don’t have a roster spot for him with Sheets and Sanders both on our game day roster.

Well said.

I am a rather like Garrett, but you are not playing him over Sanders. Even if you call them equivalents, Sanders has been with the club longer and thus is more integrated. On top of all of that, Hughes has proven he has the right skill set to step up, and has great hands as well.

They used Sanders great in the West final. One thing that Sanders is fantastic at is catching the ball out of the backfield. He's better at it than both Sheets and Garrett. The issue we had when Sheets went down is that Sanders was also hurt at the same time.

Sanders looked darned good integrated into the O. I and I think a few others on here said that in the BC game it looked like they were trying to warm him into the O, and that was obviously the case. Really, the whole team looked fantastic, but Sanders, I felt, offered a diversity that was a game changer.

It helped huge to have the O-line intact and healthy. They were huge this game, and they will need to be again for us to win this week.

Last year we had that 1-2 punch until Sanders got hurt. Looks like it is back and just in time.

Sanders played very good in the West Final and Grey Cup. I hope that he will be back next year.

Yep. Add in Garrett and that spells fairly good depth on the ground!