Chris Garrett added

Chris Garrett has been added to the roster. I thought he looked pretty good. To bad he went down with the Achilles injury, because he showed a lot of promise. If he is fully rehabbed, that is a superb backup...He is fully capable of putting on a show.

Agreed. I think he lost a step soon after becoming the "#1" in WPG. As a backup I think he could be pretty effective down the stretch. I don't remember, how were his hands??

yes, he has respectable hands.

That's good to know. I could see him being very useful for us. My boss said he heard that Sanders was returning kicks at practice this week. So having Sheets, Sanders, and Garrett could be HUGE.

I think this guy could be good too… When the Riders signed Garrett, I figured that Sanders injury was more serious. But if Sanders is practicing again this week, how do we get all these guys on the 46 man roster? I am happy that we have a lot of depth, especially with Coach Chamblin and “the next man up” philosophy, but it will be interesting to see how they fill out this roster week by week as players become healthy again…

Johnny Sears lead the race to public, providing the first backlash Bombers players gave when Garret was released. That shows how highly the players think of him.

As for the 46...well, he is on it now, so it shouldn't take much / anything.
I would think Ferri may be done with 3 LBs coming healthy.
Brian Peters may get bumped as well, same as above.
Devin Tyler...I am not sure with Best out, may be safe.
Jacks / dresses...likely Jackson, especially if Anderson is out a game or 2, thus bolstering up the backups in the secondary.

As for Imports...
sounds like Steinhauer is 'injured' just as Hurl and Evans come back.
One of the FBs could be let go...personally I would do this before anything...I have discussed that a couple times.
Kevin Régimbald could easily end up on the expanded PR

Yes he is on the 46... From a positional stand point, that means Jock is off again...
I believe Steinhauer hurt his knee... I think the play was towards the end of the second half on a Special Teams tackle. I think he got caught up with another Rider player in the tackle, and it looked like his knee twisted a bit... So maybe it is legit. Any word on Newman?
And I assume you meant Saunders not Sheets.... They will not sit Sheets. I agree with you that for this week, they would play Jackson over Saunders with Anderson hurt a bit... It also gives Saunders an extra week to heal
Hurl for Steinhauer makes sense.
McCullough for Regimbald makes sense

I think that once everyone gets healthy, you may see Jackson gone again... If they released him once, I guess they can again.

We have a lot of good non-Import talent available.... Could it displace imports like Ferri?
And I think some of these decisions could boil down to salaries and whether we may go over the cap. Tough Decisions... I guess that is what coaches and Taman get paid to do....

This dispersal draft to Ottawa is going to suck... We are definitely going to lose some good players. So it will be important to stay within cap rules so we don't lose draft picks.

Yeah...I did not mean Sheets

Ferri being replaced to keep a NI on the roster...absolutely. For seasons end, if a guy is not on the 46 I believe he becomes a restricted free agent, but don't recall the exact rules behind all of that. Either way, you want the NIs and the Star imports active and wanting to return, especially when there will be starting jobs available on the RBs roster. I am hoping the wiggle Hurl in there. He is a solid LB, and I bel;ieve would rotate well at Safety as well.

Devin Tyler looks to be a solid linesman, but it only makes sense to start a NI there if you can. That could take him off the 46. Hillee Taylor is another at risk player.

The expanded practice roster starts I believe next week, so we will see players start to 'get healthy' and end up there.

As for cap...there is little doubt that ship has sailed. I think now it is a question if they are going to break tier 2. In all honesty, with the depth they have at this moment, losing a draft would not be horrid, but obviously something you really really want to avoid. They have been doing a superb job of rotating in and out fresh legs from IRs and is really circomventing the system to be holding on to all of these guys, but I guess if you can do it, and the league is not saying anything, and you can afford to, why wouldn't you. It would appear the strategy is to see what apple is the shiniest and 9 game the rest. It is amzing how effectively they rolled in and out guys the first few games, then floated guys onto the 9-game as insurance. Player is on IR, then playing, another guy he subbed out is on IR, then they decide on who looked best, and 9-gamed the other guy. The guys are at least financially happy because they get a full cheque, not like the PR.

With Neufield coming back and Best hurt we could play him at guard (if he is fully ready to go) and keep Heenan at tackle, or move Heenan in to guard where I believe he is better suited and let Neufield play tackle again.

As far as having Garrett, he is a really nice insurance policy for Sheets! If Sheets goes down (god forbid) it would be nice to have a guy who is semi CFL proven to take the reigns. I’d still rather see Sanders out there at returns because I still think even after the fumbles and one semi bonehead play that he is our best option there. He was just trying to make too much happen on those plays and that can be coached!

I wonder if Garrett would be any good on returns? I always like RBs on returns cause they are usually more durable as well as better at breaking tackles.

I am surprised the Riders did not have a legit backup RB before this.

Jock is a scatback. Can he run the ball 22-30 times? No, he's a slasher, lighter and isn't a pure RB. This is not a slight.........he brings a different skillset to the position.

Enter Garrett. A few posters hit the nail on the head............If Sheets gets hurt who would we have tossed in there. So we have been lucky and fortunate thus far. The insurance Garrett provides is a good risk mgmt decision.

Hopefully Jock gets healed up. I am convinved he will be back returning when 100% health returns. I don;t believe for a minute that Tristand and Garrett are brought in to eliminate Jock. He's hurt, when he's better he'll be back.

well...reports are Heenan will stay put, so as to minimize shuffling on the line. That is probably a smart move.

As for Garret returning, yes, he was an awesome returner for Ohio. I believe he set a couple school records and was selected as an AMAC return specialist. He was actually more known for his returning abilities than his running game in college.

As far as not having another RB...well, they had Jock until last week in a pinch. He can fill in well enough, but Garret, IMO, is a much better RB. I also feel they kinda sat back and waited to see what came out of the NFL cuts. As they were not in a pinch, this was not a bad strategy, and there is always a huge surplus of RBs around...sure, perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but plenty good enough until you find the right guy.

He's a good insurance policy, but I think if we don't see him at all this season that would constitute a positive from the health standpoint.

Garret can also return Kick offs as well which is a good traight to have for a back up RB to be able to at least return Kick Offs. Returning punts is another monster and needs a bit more skill. I said, he set records in in Ohio doing so.

He was returner for both duties. In his Freshman year, he was in the top 10 in the country for punt return average.

Garret is the type of player that if he sees open field he is pretty much gone. He knows how to make people miss.

They just keep improving. Sanders has a bad game fumblings returns and Jackson is brought back and Garret Brought in. Both also are capable back up position players as well.

A higher salary cap as well as expanding rosters which will most likley both be coming in the future will benefit the Riders greatly as they have the money to spend.

Both of these will effect teams equally. There is no club that doesn't release players they like, and there is no club not already flirting with cap peak.