Chris Frey Jr.

I’ve been checking around the web to try and find some updates on Frey’s injury but nothing so far. Has anybody heard anything through the grapevine about it?

I was impressed with his hustle and tenacity in these last few games and it would be a bummer to lose him for the rest of the season. Not to mention the long recovery he has to endure if it is an ACL tear. :frowning:

The only thing we've learned, as posted in another thread, was through tweets, from Frey himself and, at least, one teammate which, while not saying so outright, suggested by their tone that it was almost certainly a season-ending ligament injury.

Brutal how that happens just running down a field without even any contact. :frowning:

It’s a shame, hope he has a speedy recovery.

Fantuz had the same thing happen to him a few years ago. :frowning:

Hopefully for Frey it is not the same overall result (end of career). :slight_smile:

Sad to see, again. Hope he has a full and speedy recovery. Think someone should seriously look at the turf at THF. Seems to be a liability.

I don't remember if it was at THF but our previous kicker Sergio Castillo trotted down the field to help with the kick coverage and suddenly crumpled over like a dollar store lawn chair. Nobody ever touched him. :frowning:

Frey, Saunders, Tolliver, Castillo, Collaros, the list goes on and on. These ACL tears now might be as big of an epidemic in pro sports as concussions. :frowning:

Castillo was if I remember correctly was a game in Winnipeg . I'm also not entirely clear on this but I think I recall Chris Williams last year was a victim of the THF turf monster as well , also CJ Gable when he was here a few years back could be added to the list as well . :o

I think Williams went down right at the start of his route near the line of scrimmage. Also untouched by anyone but I think his was an Achilles tear. Never seen him play a down again.

I wonder how many of these were the result of an earlier hit to the knee. I'm convinced that's the case with Collaros - he had been hit on the knee (actually on the knee, unlike old Hank, and flagged, again unlike old Hank) about five minutes earlier, and this was the first time he had tried to make a cut.

I remember when I tore my ACL (the first time, a partial tear), I didn't know until three days later, when my knee suddenly slipped sideways as I was standing talking to a friend. The doctor said the swelling had actually held it together until then.

LeFevour is another one who blew his ACL with no contact, but that was at Ron Joyce Stadium.

Add Fantuz to that list too. But perhaps it's not the turf, but the training regimen?

Should be interesting to see if Forge Fc has any issues as yes its a different sport with different cleats but same old turf . The argos hybred turf must be such an improvement!? @ BMO some people say there is NO issue with turf @THF!

Actually I’ve heard this regarding NBA teams and why some kids drop in the draft. Parents are pushing kids more then ever to train and specialize, and it’s leading to injury at younger ages. So teams are apparently staying away from certain kids. Could be true in football as well.

The quality of the field has probably been inspected, but that report has probably been buried/lost somewhere, just like another surface inspection in Hamilton. ::slight_smile:

Is Frey out for the season for sure I haven’t seen anything definite; but I’m older than Pat L so I could have missed it.

Now that I have new eyes, I don't miss anything ! :wink: What was that ??

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