Chris Duvalt

Has anyone heard of this guy?
Apparently we signed him not sure when though...

@KSMGsports Thigpen's #NFL signing big news for @Ticats rookie Chris Duvalt who will have an even better opportunity to earn a major role. @duvy15?

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According to that scratching post back in October, Drew states that we have come to principle with him for the 2012 season...his twitter page also states he's a member of the tabbies...he seems like a player that resembles Marcus, a kick returner and quick...

I never heard of him but after some research

Went to Illinois for college ball
he is 5'11, 175lbs (typical CFL undersized guy)
in 4 years at Illinois he caught 33 passes for 517yards and 7 tds (only played two seasons)

itll be interesting to see what this guy can do, hopefully he can be our new Thiggy :frowning:

Here is a small video of Chris at the mini-camp! He look real good and can handle the ball real nicely! :thup:

He had some nice cut-backs from full speed on a couple of those plays, creating some really good separation. And it looks like he's got pretty good hands too (nice to see that from a #87 for a change :wink: ), although that's hard to judge based on a few clips of some of his catches.

I remember a certain #87 that had GREAT hands...

Oh, yeah, I remember him too, although that was a long time ago, and he also wore #1 for awhile. Of course, it's the more recent #87 that I was referring to.

Great little package, Bruce -- both your filming and editing -- and the guy you filmed.
His job is to catch the ball and he gets it done. I"m impressed.