Chris Davis

Wow what a day Casey Printers in B.C and Calgary keeps stocking up on receivers. Chris Davis is on their Practice Roster. :slight_smile:
I didn't mind Chris, good luck to him, just not against us.

Makes sense for them with all of their injuries. Good luck to Chris, but not to the Stamps :wink:

i still wonder why he was cut. He had a few unfortunate plays but he was still overall an effective player for us, he was having a nice season......

I'll miss the guy but I love the wr's we have right now

Hope He Get a Real good Shot..
Good guy just here at the wrong time

Not a great receiver and a horrible attitude. Maybe being cut will wake him up.

Horrible attitude?? What would make you say that?

First Down antics. Seems to be a finger pointer as well. I don’t like that type of personality

Seems to be a finger pointer?? How so?? I never heard Chris say anything bad about his coaches or his teammates. Maybe I missed something.

I enjoyed watching Chris Davies play as a Ti-Cat fan and wish him all the very best in Calgary, I don't know why he was let go from Tiger-Town but as a fan wish him the very best!!

Eat Em Raw Ti-Cats!!!!

Good luck, Chris. I am happy for you.

For a good receiver like you, Chris,
when one door closes another door opens.

you didnt miss anything, AKT just dossnt know what hes saying...

Hot Dog anyone with a tattoo that reads God Gift sound a little to full of himself to me.

Ever think there might be a story behind it or it might even be a joke. I actually had a chance to meet Chris once and he took the time to stop, ask my name, shake my hand and tell me how nice it was to meet me and this was NOT at a Ticat event. Didn't seem like a hot dog to me.

wow didn't know he was pretty good wish him luck, don't know why people think he's big headed he has always seemed very humble and level headed when he plays.

so best of luck man

8) Did he ask for your phone number too, bg ???? :wink: :lol:
 Hey, Chris went to High School in St. Petersburg, Fla. , and that makes him OK in my books !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

You probably mentioned the two things that he wasn't on the field. Look at Cahoon for Humble and level headed or even Stala. He'd still be here if he possesed those traits.

I do wish him luck in life but I'm alright with him sucking on the football field since HE'S NOT A TICAT.

None of that, TIp. LOL. I'm just sayin' that it's pretty silly to judge the guy and call him a hot dog and a finger pointer, just because he did his little first down signal (which, btw, is the only finger pointing I've seen him do).

I watched this guy all through training camp anytime he got bumped by a defensive back he cried like a baby. I think he was going to be another Craig Yeast, just because some guy shakes your hand doesn’t mean he’s God’s Gift, well maybe it does in this case.

Amen to that