Chris Davis

This guy can be awesome at times, catching, running and scoring.


On more than a few occasions, including the game tonite, he drops balls on second down when we have the chance to extend drives.

I think he doesn't like to go over the middle and is afraid of getting hit. When he drops the ball, he takes his eye off to see if someone is coming.

The good receivers in this league make those catches.

Here we go again!

I agree Alan. He's an import to boot. We have better non-imports IMO. I'm not a fan of him

He's young and hopefully he'll improve, so some time on the sidelines should help his development.

Funny... those "better non=imports" you speak of, don't seem to be the Cat's leading receivers...wanna try again?

I think Davis is an awesome receiver. So he dropped a pass tonight. Every receiver, on any team drops one, once in a while.

You have to be in the game to get a catch. How about you try again

Says something for Davis then eh?

Check mate!!

He dropped several tonight. He's always dropping more than one a game.

I saw the one. After that, Glenn threw a low pass, that one is debatable!!

He had a bad game, let's move on.

Says something for Davis then eh?

Check mate!!

Says what? The coaching staff has blinders on? Hardly checkmate. This is a problem area. We are haing trouble on offense with both QB's. PreRod and Bruce are the only reliable recievers right now. Bauman should be getting some looks IMO.

Chris Davis is a drive killer bit the guy that I have trouble with is Prechae Rodriguez this guy in my opinion is overrated he is very slow and doesn't get any separation . I would like to see David Ball or Currie in there when they get healthy.I do hope Prechae can pick his game up.

I wouldn't say awesome at all. He's a good receiver. He's Arland Bruce light. It's about dropping passes at critical times. Tonite and last week he killed drives by dropping passes on 2 second down to extend drives.

Last week we ended up kicking a field goal and this week we had to punt because of his drops.

If he keeps this up, he won't be getting a lot of playing time and we'll be seeing David Ball sooner rather than later.

If it was a one time event I'd agree. It isn't

I think the difference with Prechae this year is that we aren't going over the top top him and whenever he makes a catch this year, he dances with the ball instead of going straight ahead to get yards. To me, he's looking like he wants to break every catch for a TD or big yards. Sometimes, you just have to take what the defense gives you.

8) I think it's time to get a look at David Ball, just for the sake of a change of pace !!!
  He certainly looked good in training camp, and he deserves a look  !!!

He's a rookie so a bad game can often mean time on the bench. The TiCats have the potential for a home playoff game this year so we can't afford not to consider options in this regard.

100% agree. :thup:

8) Who are you referring to as being a rookie, David Ball or Chris Davis ???