Chris Davis released

Just a hunch, but I have a feeling he'll end up in Bomberland sooner rather then later. Hopefully there's a good reason behind his release :roll:

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...PROBABLY....released cuz he didn't catch enough passes.....sorry we've got enough of those...then again he could get a look :lol:

Bombers are all out of cash anywyay. Kelly is going to suit up soon or his concussed buddy Matty :wink:

This means one of 3 things.

Davis was unhappy with being benched recently, so he asked for his release.

Obie wants Marquay McDaniel or Drisan James to take over Davis' spot.

The Cats are about to sign a big name FA receiver (don't ask me who).

I think that McDaniel will be promoted into the starting rotation, and Tre Smith, who hasn't played this year much due to injury, will take over KR duties.

Isn't Kenton Keith ready to go as well?

Keith is on the 9 game injured list and just found out the reasoning for Davis' release is to give Currie and McDaniel more time to play because they really are great receivers. MB also mentioned that Davis is good, but a little too inconsistent as of late.

bombers need all the helpthey can get offensively... they should definately give him a look... along with this Guice fella they have on the PR