Chris Davis released

Saw it on am900 website. I'm not sure if I like this move.

Prechae ain't gonna like it but it makes some sense to me. If it's true.

why did they release Davis and keep the james guy the james guy was horrible in the edmonton game

Here's the link: ... ID=1140245

Oski Wee Wee,


why isn't prechae gonna like it?

there has to be more to this,i wonder if he said or did something.
it just seems so out of the blue to me thats all.

He seems to be really close with Davis from what I've seen.

Doesn't make sense.

8) You're right, something must have transpired for this move to be made.
 He obviously wasn't happy about being benched a couple of games ago, and maybe he wasn't going
 to play this week.  Maybe he asked for his release, which I doubt, because that would be pretty foolish
 on his part !!

 Perhaps this is the shakeup on offence that marcel hinted at.

I'm guessing this i to make room for an import and really you could flip a coin which of the 2 underachievers was going to be cut.

Shake-up on offense by cutting our third best receiver? This is too sudden to be a shake up, he must have been doing something in the locker room that Marcel didn't like.

There has got to be a lot more to it than beyond what Davis did on the field (lead the team in catches and yardage before being benched in favour of Drisan James). I didn't really like Davis at first with his antics after first down catches, but in the first 6 games he proved to me he is tough as nails (some great catches and often over the middle getting clocked and holding on) with very good hands. I know he had one bad game, but so what. Many do. I really don't get the decision to release him at all. Marcel owes it to the fans to provide a better reason for this move than the lame quote he gave for replacing Davis with Drisan James 3 games ago.

WR Chris Davis has been released According to our Beat Reporter
The receiver, who has 34 catches, for 440 yards and two TDs has been let go by the team. More information as I get it.

You gotta make plays.I guess he didn't make enough for a veteran receiver.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Are any receivers coming off the injured list?

You think he was an underachiever?

He botched plays, so yes I do. He never really impressed me.

Too bad because he was having a pretty good season except for a few drops . Hope they will bring in another import receiver or maybe give Ball a shot . What is the status of Giguere ??

8) It's just possible that the Cats have another receiver that they are bringing in from the NFL cuts,
 that they already know is better than Davis  !!

 Or possibly another import player at another position, that is here, and one of these receivers in 
 Hamilton has to go to make room.

I dont think there is any athlete who has NEVER had a bad game.