Chris Davis #1...???

Why would he switch to #1... of all numbers to switch to... I hope he knows what number he is wearing and takes on all the added pressure it will bring with it..

Cool !!!

IMO, Chris didn’t chose the #1 because a former outstanding player wore it,
he chose to wear it his jersey it’s because he likes to bring attention on himself.

Chris clearly has demonstrated that he is like that
on the basketball court with the Cats and Cops

and I am guessing he will be ramping up
his TD celebrations a notch this year.


If he ever learns anything about any player’s
with the Cats who have worn the # 1 before him

I am sure he won’t feel any pressure.

He is a just a young guy having some fun.

I assure you he's alot better then the last guy to wear that #....

^^^^ Pete Gonzolez? lol

Davis is one of the more promising athletes on the roster right now. Its about time someone with real talent wore that number again. After the horror that was Shaw, Armstead and Printers we are due a good #1 again.

There aren't many Tiger-cats on the All-TIme Roster who had the number one. No players are listed as #1 from the 50s, 60s or 70s. There are, however, nine players listed with the same last name, Davis, so maybe Chris is really #10.

Here are the #1, including Earl the Pearl:
Keith Baker WR 1981 - 1984
Poncho James RB 1985 - 1985
Earl Winfield WR 1987 - 1997
Pete Gonzalez QB 2002 - 2003
Jamara Clark CB 2003 - 2003
Wayne Shaw S 2004 - 2006
Casey Printers QB 2007 - 2008

Oskee wee wee to Chris Davis a WR with a new number, #1

Lots of talent but lacks confidence. :wink:

I wasn't thaat impressed with Davis last year in the few games he played...he's undersized, although he does have great speed. Obviously he's a great compliment tho, to the bigger receivers such as Prechae, Mitchell, etc... because of his speed and deception.

Davis was here for maybe one third of the season and scored a TD in almost every game he played. Like Rodriguez and (to a lesser extent) Bauman, he produces TD's. That's why he'll start for us this year.

I disagree, i was extremely impressed in the short time he was here and am looking forward to seeing what he can do with a full season here. I think he is going to be a pleasant surprise.

For some reason, I can't find his stats, but I added them up from the game stats and in his 4 games, extrapolated over a full season, he has 90 catches and 975 yards. That should impress anyone....

Which brings me to another point.....WINFIELD's #1 should be retired and not worn again! The top TICAT of my generation (Im 30yrs), Montford and Hitch next best.

#1 was also worn by Tony Champion in 1986. He then departed in an unsuccessful attempt to make the Green Bay Packers. When he returned, Winfield already had #1 and Champion took #87.

Davis would be better Slot Guy
Most Teams throw the slot more then Outside guys.

#10 Faloney (retired)
#26 Henley
#68 Mosca
#31 Zambiasi
#77 Covington/Paterson/Gabriel
#61 Barrow
#23 Di Pietro

Perhaps when we retire all the jerseys of all the HOF-deserving Ticats, we can break out #256 for Mr. Relevant, #668 for the Neighbour of the Beast of the East, #3.16 for Pi, etc. LOL

This franchise doesn't retire numbers as a rule. For me, if they ever get around to retiring another one, it's a debate between honouring Henley's or Mosca's. Earl deserves to be in the Hall...that is where fan focus should be, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,

That may be true. But after checking the roster I see that Josh Betts now uses the #15 that Davis used to have. Not sure if Betts wanted that number, or if Davis wanted the #1 once it became available after the Printers release. But Davis does seem to like attention, as you can see in the picture below:

And I would like to know what that is he has tattooed to his left arm.

But I do hope to see many celebrations from him, and I think we will as he'll almost certainly be a starting WR.

He's a great receiver, he may not be one of those guys that can catch from any angle but feed him the ball over the shoulder with a little room and watch him run.

oski-oui-oui indicated that #10 is retired in honour of Bernie Faloney. I wasn't aware of that. When was it done? Several players did wear it after Bernie. Is it the only TC retired number?

I'm curious about this too. The last player I recall wearing it for a significant stretch was Todd Dillion in the late 80s, early 90s.

From the all-time roster info posted on the site, #10's modern history is as follows:
10 Bernie Faloney QB I 1957 1964 Maryland
10 John Manel QB 69 71
10 Bill VanBrukleo DB 72
10 Bill Etter QB 73 75
10 Jerry Keeling QB 75
10 Jimmy Jones QB 76 78
10 Bill Hatanaka WR 79
10 Bernie Ruoff K/P 80 87
10 Todd Dillon QB I 1989 1994 Long Beach State
10 Eric Ursic QB N 1995 1995 Western Ontario
10 Mac Cody SB I 1996 1996 Memphis
10 Marquel Fleetwood QB I 1997 1997 Minnesota