Chris Cuthbert

First, I just want to say that he's a great commentator, and makes things very entertaining in whatever game he's doing.

I got a question though. He always says that players are All-Canadians.

Now, he said that about Tucker a couple weeks ago and he is an import. He said it about Jonathon Brown tonight too.

So is he meaning a CFL All Star by that?

yup, he is..

When players get selected to the all-star team at the end of the season, they're called All-Canadians!

there are 26 of em

27 actually, 24 for offense and defense, a punter, a kicker and a returner

I've never liked this All-Canadian term, it's fine for non-imports, but I doubt many American players will brag back home about being an All-Canadian. I guess the CFL is trying to copy the "All-American" college award?

Why not just call them All-Stars? That's what they are, anyways.

And while they're at it they can change the CFL Outstanding Player award to the MVP, which is what 90% of the Canadian media calls them anyways...

p.s. I don't believe there is any "Most" term on our current CFL Outstanding Player trophy. Many fans mistakenly called it the "MOP" award, copying the NFL "Most Valuable Player" term...

If they dont like it too bad!

yeah, keep it the way it is, I like the trem outstanding better.

but yeah, call imports all stars, and canadians, All Canadians, athough that kinda segragates the league a bit.

You do realise you just contracted yourself in that post?


still want the Americans to be called All Stars, and Canadians, All Canadians

or here is a better idea, just have the CFL use all stars for all players (but still have the outstanding canadian award,etc.), and use all Canadian and American for the CIS and NCAA.

The point he was making, KK, is that you said “keep it this way, but change it”…you contradicted yourself, as you do ever-so-often…