Chris Cuthbert

If we don't have a receivers coach, well, not sure what to say but we are either a) being cheap, or b) it was an oversight, or c) someone thought we just didn't need one although the budget was there for one.


If you look here, we have no receivers coach:
Perhaps Perry Marchese works with the receivers, but his past experience is with running backs.

Cuthbert is just making noise. Creating a "best" or "worst" list just makes good radio. All of our recievers were solid before they arrived in Hamilton. The question, to my mind, is whether the coaches know how to use the talent they have. Our experience with Brazzell suggests they didn't last year, and perhaps Yeast felt the same way this year. To add to that, Ralph and Cavil didn't get much playing time earlier in the season since Marshall kept them behind Yeast. Maybe he let Gardner go for a similar reason ... too many American receivers, and his loyalty to long-term Cats. We had one spot left on the development roster at the end of camp. Was this intended for Gardner, and did he refuse since he thought he deserved to be in the starting line-up? Who knows ... this is all conjecture.

To my mind, a team has to find the right balance between the system and the available talent. Montreal can slot new players in because they've maintained their coach and his systems largely work. Since Hamilton reconstructed the entire offence with a new OC, QB, o-line, three running backs, and four receivers, perhaps they haven't found the right balance yet. Dare I say it? They haven't gelled ...

Well, yes, it can take time to get things together in football, it's a more complicated game than hockey, baseball or basketball, and timing and play calling just doesn't come over night.
But yes, gelling is a good term, maybe we should have a jar like this for all the players and coaches to dip in once in a while. Different spelling though?

What flavour would it be? Saskatoon berry?

ive never like the guy