Chris Cuthbert

Yesterday he was on the fan590 talking about the cats and said that the receivers are to blame for our offence and that they are the worst in the league.

I have to agree with him that our receiving group is the worst in the league.

Now I know a lot of you don't agree with that, which is fine, but if you don't agree with it, than who does have the leagues worst group. I can't think of any group that's worse than ours, except maybe Winnipeg's minus Steagal.

Whatever. Marreale and flick are good when they get the ball. Both are great leaders.

if you think about it..
I have to agree with Mr Cuthbert,to a point,
but,I also do think they are not being used properly(as in the pass patterns)

I'm great when I get the ball too. Your point?

Maas can't throw and the recievers give little effort on routes and taking the ball away.
Chris may be right.

Statistically this year? Yes.

Overall? IF we get Hill back, then I think that we have the best corps of recievers in the league (once they start to "click" with Maas...).

I remember when I was pumped before the season with our recievers

Flick Yeast Vaughn and Peterson/Ralph but with Flick not getting the ball Yeast gone(die Ronnie)and Peterson and Ralph not doing anything special, that leaves us with Vaughn as our only main target. So Chris would HAVE to be right.

Thats a little much, but we definitely get boosted up to top 4 if that were the case.

Well, I haven't watched closely enough but receivers have to really fight for the ball and run continue with their routes, hard, and come back for the ball, hard, especially when the qb is in trouble or rolling out. Maybe this is another reason Maas looks tentative, I don't know.

Who coaches our receivers anyways?

Worst in the league? I respect Cuthbert, but he's wrong here. Flick, Vaughn, Ralph, Cavil, Morreale -- that's a pretty good receiving corps. Sure, they've struggled, but so has Maas, and Paopao isn't making their lives easier with his retarded playcalling. If your receiving corps is so bad, by all means, send Vaughn back to Montreal. We'll welcome him with open arms. :slight_smile:

Maybe on paper but anyone ever think that the new players were good because of the system they were in before?

or conversely that they stink now because of the system they're in (ie no one could succeed in it)

I think recievers in Hamilton have been dogging it for more than a couple of years now . i dont think they fight hard enough for the ball and I think they dont come back enough . Except for Vaughn who I think is awesome .

Don't forget that our slots can't seem to time their motion to the line and are called offside an inordinate amount of times.

Our off sides were unbelievable.
Infact it seemed that everytime Maas finally completed a 1st down , someone was off side. AARRGG!!!!

maybe that is because the only way they can get open is if they are halfway down the field before the snap.
reality check... your receivers are bad... not saying every one is awful because only peterson is awful. cavil and ralph and morreale are all decent 3rd or more reallistically fourth receivers. vaughn is an old solid #2 and i wish he was ours. yeast and flick are good 3rd or poor 2nds. hill a good 2nd maybe even a first. ranek is a good rb and maas is a good qb who doesn't know what he is doing in steel town right now. your oline is avg and your oc is awful. if you guys had a geroy on your team everyone else would look better because he would need to be double covered. noone on your team needs to be double covered and they are not good enough to get the job done if properly covered. also i think they don't believe in themselves/the system enough to play through adversity and that will destroy any chance at success

I agree they're not bad receivers, except for Peterson and the jury is still out on Ralph, but I can't think of any group they can be considered better than. Calgary's, no, Sask's, no, Winnipeg's, no, Toronto's, a definate no.

It is my understanding that they do not have a receiver's coach.

Well, I'm sure we do, heck, even most university teams have a receivers coach if I'm not mistaken.

We had one last year - he’s in Toronto now.

I don’t believe we have one this year.

if you have no receivers you don't need a coach