Chris Cuthbert

I haven't seen any threads baawwwwwwwing about him. WTF guise? You've ripped just about every single other CFL related person on tv but not him. Taking a break or showing some mercy?

Maybe cause he's good???

doesn;t he do the NHL commentary now with Jim Houston?

Cuthbert is good. Sticks to his job of calling what he sees. He appropriately adds energy to the telecast.

He's about as good as it gets I'd say.

Cuthbert is knowledgeable and it is not about him it is about the game. Good work Chris!

Cuthbert and Suiter are the two best football guys anywhere. Period.

I second that, the NFL wwould die to have them I bet.

Exactly, I like Cuthbert and Suitor.


I doubt it. They have Al Michaels, and as much as I like Cuthbert, I'd probably take Michaels over him.

Agreed. Cuthbert is by far the best play-by-play guy in Canada. But Michaels can spell out the particulars of each play with such detail and clarity.

Well Cuthbert may not be as good as Al Michaels, but I bet MNF would rather have him over Tirico lol

Actually, Mike Tirico isn't the one who annoys me on MNF... It used to be Kornheiser, and now it's Jaws (can't remember how to spell his last name) and Jon Gruden. Far too much joking and laughing from those two.

many of those NFL guys are boring... no personality in their calls .. extremely bland.

Michaels is horrid, typical No Fun League say nothing of importance but talk until you turn blue.

Just my opinion but Suitor went a little wacky this season, used to think he was really good.

I miss Walby!!! Sad he makes a much better living selling vitamins than TSN will pay

The only one i like out of the three is Gruden because he is good at explaining things

He was by far the worst one of them all. Seriously.

Shake'N'Bake This and Shake'N'Bake That...

Cuthbert 's probably the best, but Gord Miller is good too, and should IMHO be doing more games. Anyone but Rod Black!

CBC lost was TSN gain. Cuthbert is one of the best. Gord Miller is really steady too, he should do more games.

On a side note, Dave Randorf may be the most versatile guy on Canadian sport television, he host the CFL on TSN, but is also really good play by play usually for women's or amateur hockey on TSN/