Chris Cuthbert

I love this guy - he was fantastic at hockey p-b-p, and he is, in my opinion, just as good at football p-b-p. However.....he made one comment that completely cracked me up. Suitor started talking about the new hockey season, and Cuthbert calmly said, "Has hockey started already?" Man - he totally deadpanned it. I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he said it.

He is the best play by play guy anywhere. To top it off, he actually knows about the CFL.

He has a great voice for the CFL, Jim hughson the new p..B..p guy for CBC NHL is equally as good as Cutberth at hockey. but the CBC lost a good one for Football coverage.

Yeah he's great. I love the way he knows what he is talking about and knows each team equally.

ya, he's really good. CBC dropped the ball by letting him go.

Now if we could lose the clown Suitor!