Chris Cuthbert with TSN!!!

Is it just me or is anyone else excited to see Chris Cuthbert not only to have a job back (he was fired from CBC not too long ago) but to be the main colour commentator with TSN. He will be doing the majority of the CFL games with Glenn Suitor.

I personally thought that he was the best broadcaster with CBC and better than anyone on TSN (especially boring John Wells).

Any thoughts?

I agree. Cuthbert is the man!

But I think he's doing play-by-play, not colour.

doesnt cuthbert do FOX games, or am way off.

way off....the last time I heard cuthbert and FOX in the same sentence it was alisha not chris......

good job for chris though to land with TSN, a very decent and knowledgeable on-air personality and certainly brings credibility to the broadcast booth......

i agree completly, man I can't wait for fiday night football... and speaking of broadcasters you know the worst broadcaster in any sport anywhere?.... the guy who does buffalo sabres games, he is without a doubt the worst play-by-play guy anywhere

Riders4eva I too was excited to hear the news. Definately TSN's gain and CBC's loss. I question CBC's move as I'm sure many do. As well, why does the CBC start televising CFL games in the fall. TSN does a great job all season long and then CBC gets the big games in the fall. Booooo. They don't deserve it. And to top it off we get Mark Lee over Chris Cuthbert. Someone in Sports needs their head examined. :?:

His name is Rick Jenneret...and you're on crack. The guy's a legend and he'll be in the HOF if he's not there already.

May-Day!! May-Day!!


are you kidding?... no seriously?... i hate that guy so much, when i watch and he's doing play-by-play i mute the TV

Long live Cuthbert! CFL onTSN is just going to get better!

I'm glad Cuthbert is going to TSN. Friday Night Football is the best TV football experience there is, and it'll only get better now. And I agree with the question of why CBC gets the important and late season games as well. I like CBC, (especially their camera work) but I personally think the TSN product is better overall. But regardless, TSN promotes the CFL all year long, you'd think they'd get the spoils of it all as well.

Are YOU kidding? You're in the minority. In hockey circles people love him.

I have to agree with all. I was really pleased to see Chris Cuthbert picked up by TSN. It sure was a near-sighted move by CBC. He's by far the most knowledgeable commentator.

I'm no fan of Suitor, though...His endless stories as the play is occuring drives me and my family crazy. We usually end up muting him.

Good for Chris! (And us!) He'll be great on Friday night football! I'll take Suitor any day over Walby.....Walby must have pictures of the CBC Pres doing something....because I can't understand why he is still there.

Cuthbert will also enhance TSN's hockey coverage as well. TSN 's gain is CNC's loss!

I can’t wait to laugh at him he is sucha joke. Come on they could have got someone better like Dungan.

Ditto on Cuthbert. He's probably the best sportscaster in Canada - football, hockey, Olympics, whatever.

CBC made a HUGE mistake. They better have some good new blood coming along, or this'll be yet another example of bad management at CBC Sports.

As for Rick Jenneret, how do you not like the guy? A true legend. If only more US commentators had his passion for hockey, the game would be doing better down there. Actually, I'm pretty sure Jenneret is Canadian, so I guess that explains it :slight_smile:


I agree Cuthbert to TSN is a excellent move as he is the best in Canada

I Think the CBC held on to Bob Cole and Harry Neale to long and should’ve put Cuthbert as the Main man on HNIC

TSN is 10x better with CFL coverage than CBC as Suiter, Shultz, Cuthbert, Clime ETC… are miles ahead of what CBC has and TSN should be getting playoff and Grey Cups

Cuthbert will be a good addition to TSN, no doubt about it. I agree Suitor is less than the best but I would take him over Walby. Mind you, as I said in another post I am actually thankful when Walby is there, because when he takes a game off then Darren Flutie moves from CBC's boring panel (they can't hold a candle to Climie~Schultz or Climie~Schultz~Dunigan) to the broadcast booth and he drives me insane with his CONSTANT references to players by their first names, as if every single player in the CFL is his personal friend (Henry made a good throw to Matt and he would have scored but Duane made a great tackle). Annoying in the extreme.

On top of all the other reasons posted as to why it is unfortunate that CBC gets the important games at the end of the season, here's another one....TSN will use HD, and CBC won't...........big mistake.


One of the best things TSN ever did.