Chris Cuthbert reads the forum!

He just mentioned the poll about worst change in the CFL and video replay


I heard that!

Great! POst some worthwhile suggestions so he can implement them.

And if he reads here, there's no telling who else does!

i heard it too....but this situation proves we NEED replay, and u KNOW there will be a big play in the playoffs that replay will save the game.

I heard it to and commented on it in the actual poll thread ... I think it's pretty sweet :slight_smile:

Winnipeg shot themselves in the foot somewhat here!

he said that we all love video re-play here.

I certainly do!

That was a great reverse call on the TD.

he could have been talking about 13thman, or any other site. Lots of time different sites have similar polls.

I do believe he mentioned the actual site, did he not??

he said the forums , web site.

and the worst change poll

Of course Cutberth reads the forum, media n players visit the forum to check out whats really going on in the CFL...GO Bombers

This the place to be for the WHOLE country not just 1 region of it. :thup:

I wish they would join up and post their thoughts

that would be just great :thup:

maybe they do

That might explain McMahon

Yeah...if it's read and interpreted properly by the Refs.

that's good to know that some people in the CFL that I look up too come on here and read my ideas.

well if hes reading now

hi chris, ur an awsome announcer you gotta watch me when im in the cfl