Chris Cuthbert Leaving TSN

TSN CFL play-by-play guy Chris Cuthbert leaving TSN and heading to Sportsnet. Who would you get to replace him?

Big loss IMO.

That would put Rod Black as the #1 in the absence of anyone new coming on board. If there isn't a Grey Cup/season this year anyways not so big of a loss in the short term :slight_smile:

Gord Miller is the other play by play right now which I don't mind if he takes the big stage.


Wow....As an independent contractor I imagine he can't afford to lose the CFL season. Too bad.

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Could be temporarily as the NHL could be back.

Meanwhile if the CFL does come back Mark Lee be available if needed.

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Rod Pedersen would make the Riders people happy.
Pedersen is very qualified for the job

I always considered Chris Cuthbert as one of best play by play broadcasters in Canadian Sports alongside Don Whittman, Jim Robson Dan Kelly among others.

It's too bad that he wasn't able call a Stanley Cup finals thanks to CBC's obsession with Bob Cole.

Better than Jim Hughson


Major loss to TSN and the CFL fans. Wish him the best.



It is long past time for another gender barrier to fall. TSN has a huge roster of very talented women -- Kate Beirness, Kara Waglund, Lyndsey Hamilton are just three. I would bet one of them could develop into a very good play-by-play announcer if given the chance. What better time than right now, with an unexpected vacancy to fill and a reduced (at best) schedule of games?

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More Gord Miller ! Always enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.


Farhan Lalji did a BC game last year. I thought he did very well.


Wow. So will Rod Black be up to the challenge to be the #1 play-by-play pointman at TSN?

He better sharpen up his game now and hit the gym too. He needs to be pressurized in there, and when he complains the trainer ought tack on an extra set or two.

And in the film room he best study clips of Fred Willard so as to smoothen the common inappropriate, unseemly and/or untimely comment.

Shape up Rod, look like you are a #1 at all times, and remember sometimes it's better to look good than to feel good.

If the NHL is back it is likely on Sportsnet, not the regional broadcasters (MAYBE the play-in round will go regional to address those contracts) ... that may be why he is moving to Sportsnet

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Loss for cfl.
Gord miller over rod black.
Look for someone new, maybe.
Maybe move rod smith into the spot.
You could move the ladies in but they dont have play by play and should be part of the third team to start and work their way up.

Dustin Nielsen expected yo get more games to call with the departure of Cuthbert

Would that make Gord Miller still the #3 person?

Only good thing about Chris Cuthbert's departure is that Rowdy Roddy Black can still only do 1/2 the games.
Mark Lee would be my #1 nominee for doing the game - but he's always been more CBC style, gives the big game feel to events, Black & Cuthbert provided small ball effect.

In any event we're still stuck with Black's atrocious awfulness - for around 50% of CFL games. Biggest difference is he'll now be given the Grey Cup TV assignment vs. his usual job of announcing the pre-game and then doing a goofy radio interpretation of the Grey Cup game.

They could also reach out to Winnipeg's radio broadcast team of Bob Irving & Giant Bubba, Doug Brown.
Irving has been broadcasting Bomber radio since 1973, since he got off the boat from Brandon. Although now 70-73 he's still viable even if he's lost a step. Brown is prolly the most underrated color man in CFL lore.
Brown might actually be capable of doing play by play for what its worth.

You know what, I want Rod Black back for a few games for sake of memories and some comic relief.

These are strange times, and well the old laughs can help us feel "normal" as if it is 2011 or so again.

Then we can return to bashing Rod Black and others can fight his brash and enthusiastic, yet untimely and awkward, delivery to earn their spot.

Rod Bkack sets the new bar now at TSN, and there is not a damn thing you or I can do about it.

What a shame. First the season is in jeopardy and now they lose their best pbp man. Hopefully Cuthbert wakes up the folks at Rogers to the value of the league. Wasn't it he who got the CBC to start broadcasting the entire season rather than just from Labour day a couple decades ago?

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If Rod Black would change his PBP style similar to that of the other announcers, I could live with him.

Rod is a broadcasting rounder - he doesn't take his football announcing job seriously and most of his broadcast consists of clowning around . . . . .the same thing that got him booted out of CKY-TV in Winnipeg when he was a younger boozehound, skirt-chaser.

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