Chris Brazzel

I Know his realtionship with hamilton isn't very good but should we bring him in cause. Him and casey where a good tandum together in Bc And maybe they good do the same here. Last time i checked he was a free agent. Corret me if i'm wrong on this one

I think we should wait ...
We have some young guys let see what they can do 1st.. If they Can't Pull Waggon then maybe Bring in Chris Brazzel

But His Attitude must Change 1st

I Agree but who would be our other slot other than tony miles. Do you think a import like wille ponder or a non import ie pat woodcock or chris baumen.

they may end up Starting a Canadian There.
till The New guys have some time to learn System.

just looking at your website you have tony starting a wide reciver. is he not a slot back ?

The move Tony around .. He Play Both..
They Try and get him in Mismatch With A Rookie or 2nd year player..

The roster is set. These guys need to know they are the 2008 TiCats and not be looking over their shoulders to see who is gunning for their jobs. Unless, some really glaring holes appear in the roster after a few games, I hope they don't start bringing in new guys unless they are head and shoulders above the guys they have.

An Argo-Cat fan

Been there done that NOWAY! then we should AT least bring in Keith Stokes he can take a full speed Ticat clothesline!!and read a magazine in the end zone after a TD!!! :lol:

I agree with Barney. The team went to great lengths to scout receivers this year. I hope they made the right choices. But Taffe also said, they won’t be bringing players in once the season starts unless there was an outstanding opportunity. Brazzel may be useful, who knows. At this point, I say no. :thdn:

what he said :thup:

I would make this move, he wasnt my favourite while he was here but he has played with Casey, has experience in the league and might be able to be picked up at a bargain price.

Its about winning and talent, nothing else.

okay, what he said :roll: makes since...i would love to hv some receiver that will consistently catch the ball..i'll go aLONG AS LONG As brazzell has not developed the drop the damn ball desease :lol: , because the ticats hv their fair shair of these type of receivers :twisted: and they are doctoring on the ones we have trying to make them better... :cowboy:


CB was awful when he was here years ago.
Went through the motions, dropped balls, moped.

I would not be happy if the team picked him up.