chris brazzel trade

i don’t think Brazzell drops that many… it’s too bad the leauge doesn’t keep track of that… he is a good receiver and showed it last year by putting up 900 yards (17th overall)… (and thats on a team where he had to share passes with Simon, Clermont, Cutolo, and Thelwell… not enough passes to go around between those 5)… he avg’d 18.5 yards a catch… (5th best in the leauge)… so he could be considered one of the top 20 receivers… when you figure that there are probably around 50 or so receivers in the leauge… even if Brazzell was considered 25th he’s still in the top half… and a good addition to any team

I think Brazzell missed 4 games last season as well.

We will see count how many passes he drops and how many he catches you will see. He had the problem in every team he played for and yes if the ball is not going his way he will turn into Mcgarity a quitter.

Isnt it amazing that Taman didnt think Bruce was worth $120K a year, yet isnt Brazzell getting $130K. Sometimes you gotts learn the hard way I guess.

I thought Bruce was getting $180K a year. Are you serious that Brazzell is getting $130K a year!!! I think Peteron was getting $90K a year.

This is the reason Taman has to go. There has got to be someone out there that can bring in players to camp that will stick. All the players this moron brought in got cut that tells you the GM is a moron.

Yeah, thats right Bruce is getting $180K not $120K, but yes Brazzell is getting $130K, I cant believe Petersen was getting $90K.

Apparently the Bombers had to chose between Bruce, Stegall, and Geroy Simon as they were all free agents at the same time. The Bombers could only afford to pay one, so they chose Milt Stegall and gave him $180K per year.

wow that is just out right stupid! 180 and 90 that is just totally stupid. They are not worth it. Should have signed Bruce!

and Khari got a million bucks... now that is funny!

and TEE now third string.....and I would hate to hazard a guess on how much cash was blown on this guy.... :evil:

I think the problem in the preparation, their not concentrating on the game at hand. You can tell the way the run their patterns, hit their blocks and the obivious one -- they are constantly dropping balls

Better that Tee is wasting it on the sidelines then on the field.