Chris Best Selected For East West Shrine Game

Congratulations to offensive lineman Chris Best from the University of Waterloo Warriors on his selection to play for the East team in the East West Shrine Game at Reliant Stadium in Houston on Jan 20/07. Of particular note is that the head coach for the East is the legendary Don Shula.

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Dont tell NWO this he`ll say it was a mistake some how !!!!!

Not to burst your bubble, habs, but the shriners make room for CIS players every year. I don't see what your point is.

who ????
Where did he Play ??
Never Heard of him

Well then he must be a useless nobody.

I realize this thank you ......

really it was for Onknight's benefit.

The other CIS guy going to the game is Jordan Rempel from the Sask Huskies. He is a big offensive lineman who is available in this years draft.

Now now Remple is good Canadian Linemen..
He should be Picked by Cats
you can never have Enough Canadian Olinemen

a thread dedicated to some no-name lineman who only got invites, because they needed a token canadian at some dumb all-star game that wont even big time prospects like adrian peterson, brady quinn, troy smith, calvin johnson, joe thomas, lamar woodley, adrian arrington, etc.

Hey guys…yes, the places ARE reserved for “token” Canadians, but these are the BEST of Canadian college football, which, by the way, is getting more and more entertaining every year…and this is also the game our own Jesse Lumsden played in…and also the game that people like Joe Theisman, Johnny Rodgers, Vince Ferragamo etc. played in…I’m sure you recognize the names…okay, Vinnie didn’t so so good…never mind him.

Btw...Calvin Johnson CAN'T play in the game because he's not a senior...


I assume you're on this site because you're a CFL fan. If that's the case you understand the value of Canadian talent, particularly on the o-line.

Best is a kid who played NCAA ball at Duke, then transferred to Waterloo for academic reasons. He's been completing his Master's Degree in engineering.

Last year the Saskatchewan Roughriders made him their first-round selection in the CFL draft. Again, if you're a CFL fan that hardly makes him a "no-name lineman".

I'm thrilled the kid is getting a chance to play in the game. Last year a "no-name lineman" a "token" Canadian named Dan Federkeil went down to play. He impressed the NFL scouts so much he was signed by the Indianapolis Colts, spent most of the season on the practice roster, and finally got into a game with the Colts a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck to Best, he's a HELL of a player.

well mike last time i checked duke wasnt even a top 100 program, didnt they finish like 1-11, Duke doesn't have a history of producing football talent and doesn't even play in a tough conference in the ACC. Also Dan Federkeil playing d-line isnt a big accomplishment either, Indy has the worst run defense in the nfl, their average d-lineman weighs about 250 lbs. and gets dominated, so they are desperate for any d-lineman, and all they can afford right now are scraps that nobody else wanted. Hoagie, i listen to your show, and you tend to over-glorify canadian players a little bit too much, also you need to spend more time on your radio station talking about NCAA football, especially the BCS. I understand your the play-by-play man for laurier and you try your best to give the CIS some love, but you gotta realize that many people dont really care about the CIS and players like ryan pyear.

Just to set the record straight, Dan Federkeil is an offensive tackle with the Colts. He was converted from a defensive lineman to an offensive lineman during the Colts' training camp earlier this year.

Nevermind the petty details bout them no-name Canadian no-talents; let's get on to talking more about NCAA ball and the BCS system and the far superior American football - now Calvin Johnson, he's a gen-u-ine football superstar; forget about them token Canadians that are forced on the Shrine Game or the CFL - and why do you fools care about the CFL anyways?

:twisted: (nice to see that this site too has some oh so typical wannabe, all-american hype slurpers who can chip in with some fine football wisdom when it's really needed). :cowboy:



I'm glad you listen to the show, but let me address a couple of points.

Does Jason Fowler have to quit the NFL because he went to Duke? A couple of his teammates went to non-football factories but did okay for themselves...or would you have ignored Terrell Owens and Tony Romo because their schools aren't in the "top 100 programs".

I guess you would have missed out on Jerry Rice too.

I don't care if a guy played at Ohio State or the University of Buffalo, if he can play he can play. I'm sure the Colts didn't scout the University of Calgary but when they saw Federkeil they saw something they liked.

The kid is changing positions at the NFL level. That's remarkable.

Don't forget there are a lot of kids who aren't great at 17 but are studs at 21. Those teenagers don't usually get free rides at perennial top ten powers.

As for over glorifying Canadian players I'm guilty and unapologetic. Why should I be? I'm a proud Canadian who has been around minor sports for a long time. To see these kids get a run in pro sports I'm thrilled for them. I'm pretty sure we had every Canadian MLB player on the air this year and whether it's Pete Orr or Justin Morneau I'm thrilled for their success.

Same for Federkeil, same for Best.


Hey Hoagie, when you gonna have Charlie Taaffe on the show?

Mike - i believe i read the Colts took some interest in Federkeil due to the influence of Cal Murphy who scouts for them; congrats to Dan for making the Colts and to Best and Rempel for getting to go to the Shrine Game - where Federkeil and Fantuz both got to play last year and a showcase game in which Lumsden impressed; another guy in that game last year - receiver Marques Colston - had a big game there and he was from a "no-name" US college ball program (Hofstra) and was only a 7th round NFL draft pick, but till he got injured mid-way this year was the leading receiver in the NFL. Anyways - keep up the good job of shining some light on Canadian football and the top players we produce up here - you obviously have no reason to apologize and IMO we could use a lot more guys like you in the Canadian sports media to help the CFL or CIS ball get more respect. I think you're wasting your time though responding to the pathetic wannabe types who go out of their way to bad mouth Canadian ball or some of the best Canadian talent - these guys' minds are already made up - they are only impressed by all-american super-hero hype and typically have no clue about the game of football. Sad, but not so surprising maybe, that we get to hear from these types so often on forums about Canadian football. :thdn: