Chris Best out ?

What happened to Best ? I must have missed it .......................


damn,, tks for the info depop

Any word on when Best will be back? The O line again is suffering like last year with his injury. Its pretty obvious that they have to get an extension to his contract or we could see more injuries to our pivot.

I was a heck of a lot more concerned with Labatte than Clark

Yes.... It wasn't one of Labatte's best games. But as you mentioned before Depop, the pass protection side of the O-line needs work. It was mentioned that the Riders have had 20 holding calls this year already, and I read a stat of just over 250 pass attempts total in 11 games... So roughly 1 out of every 12 to 13 pass attempts is a holding call.... Granted some of those holds may be on running plays but I would assume very few...

The O-line will need to work on pass protection because there will be more games coming where the Riders will be behind in games and need the passing attack to score quickly..

I'm confident a few of those holding calls came on run plays.

Umm hate to bring it up but who got cleanly beat when Durant got injured? As far as Labatte goes yes it wasn't his best game but not having Best maybe he is taking on more defenders then when Best is on. Sorry but when Best went down last year we lost 4 straight. When he got back well we all know what happened. Yes Sheets was also out during those games and yes he came back at about the same time but I can't help think Best solidified the O line and got them back on track.

Best is our best O-lineman.

Bad week overall for all of them.

Clark missed that read and block..........DD got hammered.

Xavier missed a few blocks................Labatte did as well.

Picard yes missed some.

The only guy who was kind of clean was Heenan.

But we best move on. No more dwelling on the poor play by an O-line that is one of the best out there and also has a lot of our salary cap invested in it. Hopeing they rebound and dominate Ottawa.