Chris Berman visits Bombers

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ESPN anchor Chris Berman was a special visitor at the Blue Bombers' training camp on Tuesday.

It was Berman's first trip to Winnipeg, and he welcomed the throng of media that awaited him in the south end zone at Canad Inns stadium. Berman, as many know, is a fan of the CFL and the wide open game it's known for.

''I like the game. I like that when they tell you to go long in the CFL – you have a 20 yard end zone - you can go long,'' Berman said.

The man they call 'Boomer' has been with ESPN since 1979 and said that the Canadian Football League played a big roll in ESPN's early success.

''In the early 80s, we had CFL games on twice a week and that was among our best programming. The CFL helped us (ESPN) be legitimate. I have fond memories of us in our beginning days watching Warren Moon winning Grey Cups. We had the games on, and people liked watching the CFL and I liked watching it, and we followed it.''

Blue Bombers president Lyle Bauer presented Berman with a personalized jersey on behalf of the entire football club. The jersey had number 85 on it, along with Berman in lettering on the back.

Bomber slotback Milt Stegall spent some time talking to Berman.

''I certainly know about Milt Stegall and his record setting career,'' Berman said to reporters. ''I wondered why we didn't see him in the NFL.''

Known for his clever commentary of football highlights and his nicknames that he gives to players, a reporter asked about a potential nickname for Milt.

''I haven't really thought of that.... Fly like a Stegall? I didn't really work on it. I'll come up with something better.''

I read that. I thought it was pretty cool.

Since ESPN owns a Peace of TSN.
Dose That Mean ESPN Will Once Again Cover the CFL ?
Maybe they should

well they have games on ESPN classic. today i watched Lui Passaglia's last game.

Nice story. Glad to see Berman up here. But does this mean he's a Bombers fan? :smiley:

Since the Bud Grant days.

Who cares....
Why do Canadians always feel warm and fuzzy everytime a yank validates us.... Pathetic really.

Eaaaaasy buddy

I like Chris Berman (Even with his bad cliches). He has always found time to give the CFL a plug. We need more Chris Bermans in the US media. (minus the cliches)