Chris Berman seemed to like it just fine.

As usual he showed Grey Cup highlights during the halftime of Monday Night Football during the "Fastest Three Minutes" segment in which they usually show highlights of a few NFL games the previous Sunday.

He showed Smart's TD, the big fumble on the goal line, and the Mounties bringing in the Grey Cup as well as the B.C. Lions hoisting it in victory.

Last week he showed the East and West finals from the CFL.

No mention of a "dreadful" season or a "bad" Grey Cup game. It seems part of being Canadian is perpetuating our famed inferiority complex. Go figure.

Chris Berman knows more about football than all of our sports writers put together. And as such, would appreciate a defensive struggle more than most.

I saw that too . Good to see the NFL put it on , and they were respectful about it too. :thup:

Bergman as always been a fan of the CFL. He do so each year. All credit to him, the man know football.

I've seen him to during the last few years. Good to see the CFL get coverage down there!

I remember him showing highlights to the '99 Grey Cup with Darren Flutie's great one handed catch in the endzone. Oski Wee Wee!

Yeah, I'm a big Chris Berman fan, the man knows football and appreciates it. He knows the CFL is high-calibre, and he knows it deserves attention. I remember one or two years ago, he made a Grey Cup prediction on some quick spot on Sportscentre, too ... that was nice to see. If only we had someone like him working the CFL beat ... instead of all the writers who bash the CFL when given ANY opportunity, no matter how slight, stupid or unjustified ...

Berman is the man. Seriously, he appreciates the CFL and does not laugh in its face when many in his position would love to do so. Big props to him.

On another note, I found that Mark Lee and Chris Walby were extremely annoying. Being a Lions fan, hearing them constantly say that Edwards' knee was down was a complete joke. I felt like I wasn't watching the same replays that they were, as I never conclusively saw a knee down and the ball secure. Seriously, I missed Chris Cuthbert and really wished he could've done the Grey Cup this year.

Agreed RLR... I've never liked Lee or Walby and this GC didn't change my opinion.

I had a job once that required a lot of late night driving and listened to the V show, ESPN radio's all night sports talk a thon. They were always really fair to the CFL and always talked good things. I remember after the latest Grey Cup in Montreal the host and crew were so impressed by the city and nightlife (duh) that they said that the Als were their CFL team and mention it from time to time. Also when Paopao coached his last game for the Rens they played part of the media session and talked about how no coach in the NFL would be so complimentary to the team that just fired him. that was pretty funny I thought.

Who is Chris Berman? And why should we care what he thinks about the Grey Cup? And why would anybody think what Chris Berman thinks about the Grey Cup somehow matters?

Brilliant :roll:

Who is berezin99? And why should we care what he thinks about people caring about what Chris Berman thinks about the Grey Cup? And why would anybody think what berezin99 thinks about people who think about what Chris Berman thinks about the Grey Cup somehow matters?


Berman is great and gives the CFL is due during the playoffs.

Eventhough the CFL needs and will address some issues concerning the entertainment value of its games in 2006, the Grey Cup itself was not a classic only because the BC Lions were vastly superior to the Alouettes more than anything else.

Would an Edwards TD have been more entertaining to finish the game? Definitely. But the Lion's defense rising to the moment, forcing & recovining that fumble, definitely put the exclaimation on their superiority not only in the Grey Cup but the entire league.

This is what the headlines would have read with a similar Superbore finish... that the winning team proved why they were the best. The BC Lions did this. Instead, our media's inferioriy complex kicked in and turned the focus completely on what the league lacked this year as opposed to the positive story of the Lions' dominance.

I hear you, man, I can't stand Chris Walby!

That's awesome that Berman showed CFL highlights on Monday Night Football - the CFL is the real deal.

Berman is a renowned football broadcaster whose football acumen goes beyond just the NFL.

Other than that why should we care about what any sports broadcaster or journalist thinks?

Chris Walby knows football...all hail to Walby the great...even Berman would say so..

NOW will you all believe me when I tell you that the NFL -and American football fans- for the most part DON'T hate, mock or disparage the CFL? We just need more freakin' exposure to it!

Steve, I've always believed you on that count ... the CFL has to defend itself against its own (ie, Canadians) more than anything. Pathetic ... We try to be more American by bashing the CFL so as to glorify the NFL, but the Americans respect the CFL. More double-standard ... It seems that if it's Canadian, it must suck, because it's not American. But then we're also worried about losing our national identity and culture to Americanism?!?

Do we have some confused people in this country or what ...

It is obviously an honour and a privelege when a popular American personality acknowledges Canada. It just gives us confidence knowing that despite being second-rate, we are still worthy and do have some good points…don’t we??? :expressionless:

8) ESPN's website has been running CFL stories pretty regularily this year...With blanket coverage of the Williams signing and features on Damon Allen with an on-line poll, (Yes, 70% of thousands of respondants wanted Allen to be nominated for the Football Hall of then why not Flutie, also??) :rockin: