Chris Berman on Milt Stegall

Chris Berman is a class props to Milt Stegall on the ESPN Monday night football halftime...he even showed the record breaking touchdown!!!...

Chris Berman is a big CFL fan.....last year when Antonio Cromartie had a 119 yard missed FG return for a TD against the vikings...he talked about Bashir Levingston and Dominique Dorsey both having 129 yard returns for TD's

Very cool!

Berman makes many mentions of the CFL and even shows playoff and Grey Cup highlights.

A football fan in the truest sense.

No Kidding! :thup: keeps him from falling asleep watching the NFL! :wink:

He doesn't appear to have any CFL or Canadian connections. I guess he's just a type-A football guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

Chris Berman is awesome. He always throws in CFL references whenever appropriate. Always has highlights of the Grey Cup game, and he makes sure to include record breaking moments. I remember years ago the ESPN guys were doing a segment on the best receiver in the game today and Berman brought up Stegall (because he was on pace for like 2,000 yds that year). Of course the other guys quickly dismissed it, but it's great to see Berman mentioning the CFL.

I got a chuckle a couple of times when he referred to the Seahawks in their new all green unis as looking like the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

He also referred to the Bills' new white jersies as looking like the Montreal Alouettes.

I remember that too. The others looked so smug while Berman, as usual, looked like he knew soemthing that the others did not.

Good on ya Swami!

Him and Bobby Ackles where close friends.

Cool beans!

That's surprising to me. This is the same guy that a few years ago made a comment that he wished the whole CFL would just fold. He was showing some highlights and said something to the effect "not that anyone cares anyway". That's if I have the right guy. I'm pretty sure I do. A bit overweight, balding - great sports casting voice? Maybe he's had a change of heart.

i dont think that was him. for as long as i can remember he has been showing tiny cfl clips and throwing in the odd reference.

For sure you have the wrong guy.

Maybe we can get Berman to do a weekly CFL highlight show
Casey Printers could-go-all-the-way..........NO