Chris Berman Congratulates Calvillo Passing Favre

In light of Montreal’s game against Toronto, here’s Chris Berman’s 2 minute drill, the most of which is on Anthony Calvillo and the weight of his accomplishments:

Classy guy, Berman. I like it when he recognizes feats in all things football, not just American.

Comparing Favre to Calvillo is like comparing a rifle to a potato gun. I just lost my breakfast :oops:

I have no idea what you mean by that comment.

The cfl lined up a really nice accolade from Chris B for today's game when Calvillo broke the all time passing yards record - bilingual and all!

He's saying Calvillo has no arm compared to the cannon of Favre, that's what he's saying (i think) in realty though, Calvillo is twice the QB and ten times the man.

...What the heck is a potato gun....????? ....sounds like something you use to mash's got me :roll: ...Chris Berman :thup: my favourite guy in football down south....Nice job Chris....and congrats to Anthony :thup: :rockin:

The congratulations by Berman impressed me the most. While I don’t generally look for approval in anything canadian from americans I thought it was a really class move by Berman to talk about Calvillo in his two minute drill and to congratulate him for breaking the record it really shows that ESPN is about all sports not just american ones.

I looked up the stats to see who the next closest guys are to Calvillo in the passing yardage category among active players and the record look like it will stand for quite a while. Here’s the top 4 active players behind Calvillo:

Peyton Manning 54, 828 yards
Henry Burris 41, 376 yards
Kerry Collins 40, 922 yards
Ricky Ray 39, 150 yards

Realistically Manning is the only one with a shot at the record and he may very well get it if he plays into his early 40s. Burris would need to play well into his 40s to have a shot at it as would Collins. Ray would need at least 8 years to get to Calvillo’s numbers. So if Manning retires without the record we likely won’t see this record go away for quite a while

Interesting, mada7, thanks for that. I too feel that it depends on Manning (and with his season pretty much over due to neck surgery, it's a big question). If he can stay healthy, it's possible he might do it, but it will be difficult. I don't think anyone else on that list is realistically within striking distance except Ricky Ray, who's still young enough to make it interesting if he plays at a high level for 7-8 more years.

I've never seen one either when I was a kid. When I moved to Van. Island guys younger than me were talking about them when I worked at the Pulp mill. Sounds like something those hillbillies used to use back in the old days shooting objects back and forth; as they used to dislike one another. Link below

First, he passed Farve a long time ago, right?

Second, what the he'll is wrong with this country when no one has heard of a Potatoe Gun!!! Come-on man....... is this Canada or the USA!


Agreed, seeing as it appears Favre is the only one that couldn't be bothered to say congrats to AC. Great class shown by Berman and Marino to acknowledge AC's amazing accomplishment.

I'm a city boy and we had sling shots.

Nope, Farve "finished" with 71,838 yards, so Calvillo only passed him last week.

Good for AC passing Damon Allen in passing yards. Now AC only needs about 8,000 more yards to break Damon's record for QB rushing yards -- 11,920 :lol:

Calvillo is much better than Favre could ever hope to be as much as Favre and his lover buddies can't admit it.

The way it is. Just like speed in skating isn't the be all and end all, Gretzky wasn't anywhere near the fastest, Tie Dommy could beat him him in a flatout I bet, and Calvlllo's arm isn't as strong as Favre's, but Calvillo is a much better qb. Not even close.

Sorry Brett buddy, the way it is. :thup:

And to top it off Favre is classless, Calvillo the epitomy of a pro football player.

I don't think you can compare the two in the same way,I have great respect for both. I have respect for any quarterback that has stepped on the field and played in either league, it is something that no one in this forum has ever done. Would Farve had been great in the CFL,a bigger field an extra player? How well would Calvillio have done in the the NFL, dealing with a smaller field, bigger and faster players? Size wise they are close, Calvillo is an inch shorter and 20 lbs lighter, according to the stats. Farve should have walked away from the game two years before he did, Calvillio still has a lot of game in him. I will always support our Canadian game over the NFL and when good is spoken about the CFL I feel great staisfaction hearing it. Calvillio has been a leader and a great ambassador to the CFL. His accomplishments as a professional quarterback are outstanding regardless of the league. It is tough to compare quarterbacks based just on their personal stats, especially when you also compare them in two different leagues. There are exceptions, the guys like Flutie, Moon, Theismann, Garcia, played in both leagues and did well in both leagues.

Chris Berman is apparently a fan of the CFL:

Wiki quote:
"A fan of the Canadian Football League, Berman watched their games growing up in Connecticut."

Contrary to popular belief, there are many near border fans on the U.S. side which is why I am a proponent of expansion to non-NFL near border major cities to grow the CFL game.

Nice to see some recognition south of the border.
Berman is a big CFL fan. Most American football fans look down on Canada and our football, but Berman always finds reasons to talk about CFL.

Congratulations to Anthony Calvillo, great QB. But an even more classy guy.

Here’s an article I came across about Calvillo from an American’s perspective. I thought it was really well done, so I thought I would share it:

[url=] ... rback-ever[/url]
When I told the customs agent at the Montreal airport that I was a sportswriter, he assumed I was here to cover a tennis tournament, and when I told him I was here to write about Canadian football, he stared hard at my passport, crooked his head, and said, "[b]Really? You know it's not very good, right?"[/b]

.....He gets recognized on the street by fans, and yet a vast number of Montrealers have no idea that his team even exists.

His own wife, born and raised in this city, had never heard of the Alouettes until she began dating Calvillo .

When I tried to get a cab driver to take me to the stadium on a game night, I had to show him on a map. Then he asked if I was going to a handball match."

Damn ignorant quebecors. With all due respect for mrs, thats right, mrs, Cavillo, it doesnt speak well of her at all.

It is one thing not to be a fan, it is quite another to be totally oblivious to the league or hometown team.