Chris Berman CFL highlights

I know we have talked about this before but i finally saw Chris Berman give the highlights for the Grey Cup, i dont watch the NFL so i never see it. I liked how they had the Als jerseys in studio, but i didnt like how the video quality was alittle bad though.
I would love to get the video of this but i dont think i will be able to find it.


it's because he is a fan of the cfl because when ESPN started they showed cfl games.

read here:

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I get it, because he's a total football guy and understands how promoting the CFL is just good for football, period. Very simple to be honest but not something a Phil Lind, Larry Tanenbaum or a Ted Rogers is able to comprehend, a bit too complicated for these guys I think. :wink:

I think he said something about being from Minnesota and learning about the CFL from Bud Grant who coached in Winnipeg before he went to the Vikes.

I just don't understand how you haven't found your Caps key yet...

Berman has actually been showing hilights for all of the CFL playoff games in his Fastest 3 Minutes segment.

Berman has been on our local radio a few times and said he genuinely enjoys watching the games and follows the CFL. He was the guest speaker at last years Orange Helmut Dinner in BC and got to know Bob Ackles and Wally Buono, whom he said he holds in high esteem. Berman was also a guest of the Bombers recently and came up to camp and got to know Milt Stegall and others, whom he also had high praise for.

It's that Wally connection that makes him a bit suspect in my eyes. Other than that, he seems like a stand up guy, and a good proponent for the league.

I wish the NFL would get a dose of reality and promote positively the CFL. After all, there are only 2 countries in the world with football(not footbol). In my mind, anything that interferes with the good standing of the CFL either in the States and Canada is plainly stupid. The NFL brass may think they are brillant but IMHO there are plainly lacking in vision. I do not want to insult American participants of this board (please note I do have relatives in the States) but like their international policies -as shown through history- they never seem to understand global perspectives very well. Footbol and hockey are light years ahead.

Chris Berman has been a great friend to the CFL for years now. He has showed Grey Cup highlights for years on NFL countdown and this year even showed the division semi-final highlights as well. The CFL would benefit huge if it had somebody with even half the amount wit (to go with considerable knowledge) that Berman has.

Berman on the TSN CFL panel as guest host, randorf can do sideline?

That'd be sweet.

Great post and u r dead on!! :thup:

Thats a great idea! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

TSN, are you listening?

Anyone see the 2 minute drill today, Berman mentioned the NFL had no right to move to Canada permanently :rockin: Berman :rockin: