Chris Bauman

Former Ticat and highly prized free agent for the Eskimos was being floated out there by Tilman:

From Twitter:
Arash Madani "The #Eskimos worked hard to deal Chris Bauman, and his pricey contract, before the trade deadline. But,to no surprise, no takers. #CFL #Esks"

He will be a free agent once again at season end, but defiantly won't make as much as he did this season.

Why the Esks gave an unproven, unmitigated bust a 2 year deal worth $150,000 a year is beyond me.
Baumann couldn't make an Argo roster.

8) Obviously a rare screw up by Mr. Tillman, to sign this guy to such a contract !!
  If Bauman is a free agent at years end, I doubt any team would even be interested in  signing this guy !!!

I would bet that the Argos will at least give him a look. They could use a Canadian after the whole "we dressed Andre Durie because we had no serviceable Canadian" debacle. If not Toronto, then I can't see anyone else giving him a look. Other than Montreal, every other team has pretty good Canadian receivers: BC with Foster and Gore; Calgary with Arthur and Forzani; Winnipeg with Watson and Poblah; Saskatchewan with Fantuz and Bagg; even Toronto with Durie and Watt (I didn't include Hamilton and Edmonton for the obvious reasons). But it is also entirely possible that you're right and Bauman's career is over.

When they signed Bauman for that money I was quite surprised.

Not surprised at the season he had. Quite surprised that Tillman was taken. I always thought the GM was smarter than that.

I'm not purchasing Tiger Cat games helmets in the near future. I have # 90 Bolden, # 87 Bauman, and I believe to be # 92 Smith at home in the shrine. All of them are gone. I believe Bauman has the tools, unfortunately the mental aspect of the game is not his strong suit. I would bring him back on a strict performance based contract.

Hi Wildcats:

" I would bring him back on a strict performance based contract."

Would this be for the sake of the team or the sanctity of your helmet collection?

old fan, It appears every helmet I have recently purchased the player gets cut or the team does not pick up the option on their contract. I would like to showcase a player helmet that has had some longevity with the team. Like I said Chris has the talent
he needs to get the mental discipline part corrected. I do believe he could be a solid contributor at a reduced performance base contract. He may in fact have talked himself out of football with Tillman's assistance.

Got a real #1, Earl winfield 1994 up for grabs..... maybe.


And THAT is why you do what he did and ask for an outrageous amount of money. :lol: Seriously I don't blame him for getting as much as he could and if someone was willing to pay him that much, more power to him.

Of course.
Anyone would be foolish to turn down the highest bidder for your services.

Hopefully Bauman invested his earnings wisely as the money may dry up very soon..

i'd take him back.
apart from the very occasional drop, he did all right, and had a strong finish to 2010.
he fell victim to marcel's double standard: some players put the ball on the ground, and they're banished immediately, or close to it (airese curry, drisan james, chris bauman) while others get an extended stay (arland bruce)
i could live with a canadian receiving crew next season of stala, giguere, bauman, carter and mckay.

I think you are correct, Blogskee. . . the two teams who would be interested in non import receivers would be Toronto and Montreal. Toronto needs help in that dismal receiving corps, so I expect they'd be interested. So too might Montreal, Jim Popp has a track record of taking a flyer on someone else's reject who (at one time anyway) had potential. . . sometimes it works out (Duane Butler, Keron Williams, Moton Hopkins), and sometimes it doesn't and he just releases him (Mullinder, Cobb, Yvenson Bernard).

The Argos need receivers who can run good routes, catch and hold on to the football. They don't need an over-priced, under-performing non-import plodder who is earning about three times what he's worth for no other reason than he's Canadian.
Let's face it - if Bauman were an import, he would have been out of the league long ago.

8) How right you are "seymour".
  If Toronto or Montreal had wanted him, they could have tried to outbid Mr. Tillman for Bauman's services.

  In reality Chris wanted to go back out West to play.  If Toronto or Montreal were even interested now, they could have 
  attempted to do Tillman a favour and swing a deal for Bauman 2 days ago, to get him off Tillman's hands !!!

   I'm sure a draft choice would have done the trick !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

But why trade anything when you might be able to pick him up as a free agent in the offseason?

He's underperformed. . . why trade an asset for him? May as well sign him as a free agent, and if he doesn't work out you just release him and no harm done.

8) As I said, if both Toronto or Montreal were that high on him, they could have signed him as a free agent this past
 off season.   He could only help Montreal this season, so I am sure if Jim Popp wanted him that badly, he could have 
 given up a low draft choice to take him  off Tillman's hands.

  I think Tillman realized very quickly back in training camp that he had made a big mistake signing Bauman to this 
  big contract.  If I recall correctly, Bauman was a healthy scratch for the first 4 games of this year !!

  Anyway, I'm not so sure Bauman is a free agent again after this year, as some else reported on this thread.
  Even if he signed a 1 year contract, would he not still have his option year??

Well Tipper I was thinking that neither of Toronto or Montreal are that high on him to want to trade an asset to acquire him. They certainly weren't interested (and rightly so) at the price Tillman was willing to pay.

My thought was that if Edmonton releases him, those would be the two teams that might take a look at him. . . but I doubt either would want to trade anything for him. . . I suspect they'll only be interested if he comes on the market.

As I stated earlier, not only was I shocked that Tillman signed him but also for the money stated.

Pretty much every team in the CFL has a long list of receivers who lacked the catching skills and focus. I'm sure they'll shy away from adding yet another name to that list, Canadian or not.

By the way, where is Marquay McDaniel these days?

My was a three year contract:

The Edmonton Eskimos have signed free agent wide receiver Chris Bauman to a three-year contract worth $125,000 per season. The deal also [b]includes a significant signing bonus[/b], sources told
I wonder how much the signing bonus was...Either way, the Esks were bamboozled on that deal.