Chris Bauman

......Now that we are officially in the player hunt for next year AND one of those being sought is an ni receiver...What are the thoughts on Bauman??...I have to admit i was not overly impressed with him during the season..He seemed lost on the cats roster...HOWEVER...he finished the year very strong...Big guy with a lot of potential...Seems to hang to the ball better than Mr. Dropsey Brock....I say we go after him...He could be a solid receiver for us in 2011...He's an fa and a move to the Peg would definitely bring him closer to home...Nice acquisition if we can swing it...Mr. Mack could do worse... :wink:

Worthless sack of footballs %95 of his time here, last few weeks he's looked like Andy Fantuz on steroids.I've been calling it all year long, he's going to Winnipeg.Take that to the bank.

Figures he plays great in the last year of his contract.

let's not get our expectations very high here. inconsistency has been his problem forever. I'm a big fan of Bauman and I'd love to see us bring him in, especially considering who the rest of our NI receivers are.. but I sure wouldn't be expecting him to come in and light it up.. he may or may not be an upgrade over Ralph/Hargreaves/Watson. If he plays like he has the past few weeks, he'll be a terrific acquisition, and that alone is more than worth taking a shot on him.. however.. he has been quite bad at times too.. that said I see no reason why not to bring him in and give him a try.. maybe between the last few weeks and a change of scenery coming back to his home area, something clicks for him and he starts to reach that potential

Bauman wouldn't be an upgrade for Watson but he would probably would be for Ralph and Hargreaves. Bauman is younger than Ralph so that's a plus. Hargreaves hasn't really done anything but could be used as a back-up and on ST I guess. Watson looked really good at the end of the season. He missed a few games and struggled at times early because of injury (I think he had an ankle injury that really affected his play for the first half of the season). Bauman would be a nice addition to the offence.