Chris Bauman


Looked like a smooth, seasoned vet out there.

Where did that come from?

Guess this is what the coaches have been expecting.

Wonder if Matt Carter's presence lit a spark.

Who cares? Whatever it is, I like it!

He needs to continue the intensity displayed tonight in how he runs his routes and how he used his frame to establish body position. He impressed me tonight. I really hope this is the kickstart to him unlocking his potential on a weekly basis. As long as maintains that aggressive approach, he's going to start to be a regular contributor to the stretch drive!

Oski Wee Wee,


Actually it was the way he was catching the ball that impressed me, reaching out and just grabbing the ball. No bobbles, no doubt about the catches.

Maybe the trick is to not hit him in the numbers, but aim for his head. Maybe he and Glenn just finally figured this out.

A very good point! It goes back to the body position aspect -- he was able to seal off DBs often tonight and his push-off on the first big catch was old school!

Oski Wee Wee,


Yeah. There was a new found confidence in the way he ran and the way he caught the ball and ran, he looked big out there.

He was the difference tonight, especially with Bruce out of the game. Like someone else said, lets hope this is the start of Chris B's new future as a Cat.


I think this is the start of a beastly and nearly invincible team in Tigertown.We're back baby, fear us :rockin:

A couple of thoughts:

  • I'll bet no one complains about his "showboating" on his second TD

  • I've always thought that if we ever give up on Bauman, he'll make us regret it big time by becoming one of the league's dominant Canadian receivers. I think we saw some of that potential tonight.

Bauman shut me up tonight.I was nervous big time about having him playing so much especially against Montreal but damn did he ever come through.I'm starting to have second thoughts about the whole let him walk to Winnipeg thing :lol:

Has anybody thought the reason for his better play was where he was positioned tonight in the slot as opposed to wide reciever on the wide side > I always thought he was a slotback because of his size it makes a big target for glen to throw to and also you are more in the action
Just my thoughts go Chris go

You raise a very good point that I had not really thought about. I remember seeing some of his university highlights and there were at least a couple catches where he reached out from his body to make a great catch.

Maybe his receiving style was finally recognized after 2 OC.

Hopefully he has a good rest of the season and playoffs. Then he goes into the off-season with a lot of confidence and comes to camp in 2011 more ready than ever.

Congratulations to Chris. He was the star of the game to me. Two touchdowns and a yard short of a third.

Whatever he did differently, whatever changed his apparent attitude, whatever coaching adjustments there might have been, I think we can see that he is a talented, capable, confident player who can make major contributions to the team's success.

There's no need to talk about Chris in terms of "potential"... having yet another weapon like him is just awesome, and couldn't come at a better time.

I think he should be a lock on CFL Canadian player of the week and perhaps CFL O player of the week. I'm very happy for him and glad he has finally shown his true potential in a game. While one game does not a career make I see only good things for him in the future.

Using the (rarely) used 3 times: :thup: :thup: :thup:

He deserves it.

In my mind Bauman has been ready for a while, we just have not thrown to him. He proved that tonight. I know he's dropped a lot of passes over the years but when you get one ball a game I imagine it's hard to prove yourself. I agree with the earlier comment, if we let Bauman go, we will pay for that for years to come.

I understand he had a great game. He looked great out there. But it game. Let's root for him to put back-to-back stellar efforts for the first time in four seasons before we annoint him Free Agent Loss of Dread.

Perspective before euphoria, no? Maybe it's because I need a morning coffee. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Over the last several games I have noticed Bauman slowly regaining confidence even though he may have only made about a catch per game. The big thing was he was making it and not dropping it like earlier in the season. Against Montreal he took it to another level and this finally may be the results we expect from a top draft pick. Thankfully when MANY wanted to run him out of town, the Cats showed some patience! How many other times have we given up on someone when we shouldn't have...Anthony Calvillo and Chris Getzlaff are two that come immediately to mind. Great game Chris!!

To that end, I would like to see Gibson get Bauman back into the rotation by seeing what can be done mismatch-wise from time to time re moving Bruce out to wideout, sitting Carter, and putting Bauman in the slot as one look. It would make our intermediate and deep attack that much more interesting if Bruce gets moved around more and also if Thigpen or Cobb would be sent downfield on the other side to create a "pick your poison" quandary for the safety when we do attack deep. We have the personnel to attack the entire field and the QB to distribute the ball well. It's up to Gibson to bottle his finest effort playcalling to date and use that the blueprint for future gameplans.

Oski Wee Wee,


I think Bauman should hangout with Fantuz a bit in the offseason. What I think would make Bauman to get in the same class as Fantuz is what I would call getting more flexible, spaghetti-like, twisting and turning, Fantuz really does that well. CB right now is a bit too stiff looking which is fine if you're just a speed burner but otherwise you need to be rubbery like.

Take some tai chi or ballet like dancing, honestly.

Well, as a Raider fan, I recall the fun Raiders fans had with the "Lynn Swann takes ballet" deal. LOL

Nonetheless, "Swann Lake" had a pretty good run, eh? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hot yoga as practiced by Anwar Stewart has helped a lot of players re core strength and flexibility training.

[url=] ... s_stewart/[/url]

Anything like we've described can help receivers, Earl. Body control is an essential component to a receiver's success, particularly when jumping for the ball and trying to get feet inbounds.

Oski Wee Wee,


Didn't know that about Stewart, thanks Russ. Yoga, yup, that'll help relax the muscles as well for sure.