Chris Bauman

Chris Bauman is waiting to break out, we need to find a way to get this guy the ball, he is a talented reciever but it seems Glenn never looks his way, ive notcied in games he is open a lot of the time but we have so many weapons at the reciever position, he gets lost in translation

he is a very good blocker ive noticed and seems to have a lot of upper body srength, maybe toss him the ball against a shorter reciever and he will out physical the corner and make a big play

main point, hes been a bust so far and a waste of a draft pick, so either use him, or we could trade him because im sure some team could find a way to use him

I hope Chirs has good Game
He was drafted #1 Over By us and he has yet to prove him self
Here hoping you are right this is his Option year.

GL Chris.

Actually, in his rookie season I remember him showing potential, but have seen little since. I wanna see what this guy can do.

Bye bye Bauman. Time for another N/I Receiver to get a shot.

They don't throw his way because he is consistent in dropping passes that are right in his hands. Better see if the Hamilton Fire Department is hiring!

Unfortunately it was our two Canadian receivers that let us down. Bauman's poor attempt at that catch snuffed out any comeback. Stala's attempt that went off his hands and straight into the Sask defenders arms - sealed it.

Chris Bauman, for the most part, has been an unmitigated disaster. We witnessed the latest chapter in his thus far dreadful career tonight on that muffed reception that was picked off.

Drisan James drops some balls and gets cut; Bauman makes a career out of dropping balls and he still has a job because the Cats must start 7 Canadians as per the league's affirmative action rule (read: import ratio).

The CFL really must re-visit its import ratio rule. There simply aren't enough quality non-import players to fill the mandated number of Canadian starter positions; the fact Hamilton is forced to use Bauman -- a player with no business playing pro football -- is just plain wrong.

It’s been three years, and Bauman hasnt turned into Andy Fantuz. Time to release him.

You must be joking. What are you, his mother? He needs to pack his bags.

The Riders don't seem to have a problem finding quality Canadian receivers. There were several Imports making bush league mistakes tonight.

It's time for Carter, Nicholson, or MacKay to get a chance. Bauman has over stayed his welcome here.

8) There is no excuse at all for that pass that Bauman failed to catch tonight.
  Sorry, the guy just doesn't have what it takes to be a pro receiver at all !!

  No comparison at all between him and Chris Getzlaf, and we got rid of Getz !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I have come to the realization that his time is done.

I was hoping the kid could turn it around, but it is clear he just doesn't have "the right stuff".


I was surprised he made it out of camp. I wanted him to succeed but the time has come to cut bait and reel up.

Also clear is whoever traded Getzlaf for Bauman doesn't have the right stuff.

That was Marcel Desjardins who traded Getzlaf. And that's right, he does not have the right stuff.

This is Bauman's 4th year in this league. And if I'm not mistaken, he'll be a free agent this season. As I pointed out in another thread, he was given an opportunity after the James release, and I wonder how many more chances he'll get.

Getzlaf wasn't traded for Bauman. Bauman was a draft pick.

I wonder where I got that?

Here is Getzlaf's bio from the Rider's site.

Third season in Saskatchewan…acquired in trade from Hamilton along with Corey Holmes for Jason Armstead in August, 2007…originally drafted by Hamilton in the fifth round (33rd overall) in 2007 CFL Canadian Draft.

Bauman is just horrible and should be cut asap.
saying that there is also a lot of other people I have on this cut list and our head coach is on there.