Chris Bauman

Having watched the every game this season, what more does this guy have to do to be known as our go-to receiver? Everytime the guy makes a catch, he's looking back to the sidelines to see if he's in or out on the next play. This guy should be in the number 1 spot on the depth chart!!! Outside of the Saskatchewan game, I don't think he's getting enough balls thrown his way. What is the opinion on this?

I have the same opinion. When he caught a couple passes in the Calgary game and got face masked, I would have kept him in and thrown the ball to him more. You could see he was pumped and full of energy. He has caught every ball thrown his way(minus the underthrown ball to him yesterday) and he gets extra yards after the catch, what more do you want from him.

Give him the damn ball!

I Agree THey Dont use The Bau Man WTF.

He has certainly been a bright spot. Looks good on the kid. Had some negative comments written about him last year and in pre-season and he has caught everything thrown his way. Has a bit of tude as well.

A great selection in the draft !!!! I agree we need to make him our feature reciever !!!!

him and P Rod are 6'5, they have an obvious height mismatch over any DB in the league, so throw the ball up and let them catch it, that will get the passing game going, and will open the field up for guys like Tony Miles and Pat Woodcock.

Exactly !!!

Seems to be what this team does....get a good player, and then "under" utilize them. Cory Holmes?? Jykine Bradley??

Yea Bauman reminds me of an Andy Fantuz, he has potential to get alot of yards after the catch. Therefore utilize him and beat up some people!

he,s not a starter because of the Ratio.

Huh? He's Canadian. Wouldn't that help the ratio?

I think he's being eased into the lineup slowly to build his confidence .

Another example of the coaching staff not using their assets properly. Bauman would be the guy I would go to for the first play of the game. How about a play action fake to Lumsden pass to Bauman rather than Lumsden up the gut for 2 yards. use Bauman to set up Lumsden, Lumsden to set up Bauman. What a great one-two Cdn punch.