Chris Bauman

What is the word on Chris Bauman out there? I didn't see him out on the field last game. Is he expected to play lots this year? And what do Hamilton fans think of O'Neil Wilson, looks like a good signing.

He is sporting a calf injury because he is not used to carrying so much weight. Wilson is a good signing, but it looks like we have found our Canadian starter in Woodcock.

8) I know that is the reason for him being on the injury list, because he has put on so much weight, it is causing his calfs to bother him !!! Oh please, he has only put on about 15 lbs. and if he worked out hard in the weight room during the winter, this would be no problem at all.
 I just don't think he came to camp in the best of shape !!!  I am only speculating on that however !!

 I have the feeling he had better be ready to play pretty soon or else !!!!!

Frankly if He Don't play soon he could be Trade bate.

That makes no sense whatsoever. If he doesnt play what would even get for him. They arent going to give up on him during his 2nd year.

yes, but who could we get for him? is reporting the Cats are actively shopping him around.


… and the full story…

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in an interview played on the 5th quarter, obie said that this story is false.

strange that obie said it was false but also that someone in the league leaked it who shouldnt and they have to start to do things more carefully so it doesnt happen again. If you arent shopping him then what was it you have to be more careful with? what was leaked? where there is smoke there is fire and i am sure they will listen to any offer.

no way we trade without giving him a chance to work his way into the starting lineup, I think going forward we should pick the best possible player irregardless if we know he has a tryout with the NFL, the majority if the time they get cut, ie that Shologon kid got cut from SD and is now in Canada, it was stated he was the best pick in the draft,

Wouldnt shop until that kid trying with the Colts gets cut

We don't need anymore bonehead trades for a long time. :roll: :oops:

A young canadian reciever like him is gonna get interest from teams after we sign and start another guy in his place. Its just how it goes and I am sure the phone is ringing. Doesnt mean they are shopping him but they gotta listen to any offers, its obies job.

I wouldn't give up on him yet. he showed last year he can make some plays he just needs to be more consistent. If he has a good year and Giguere gets cut and shows he can play in the hammer then maybe we can get something for Bauman but I'm hoping for big things from him. I hope he gets healthy soon!

Hey Buddy! They(CHML)talked to Obi before the win against Toronto and he (Obi) had a question of "I wonder who was starting these rumors because they are not true!"LOL

At this stage in his career (after a very so-so rookie year) he wouldn't get much in return if he was traded. I'd lt him play behind Woodcock who has played very well in both games and seems to be back to where he was during his Montreal days. It's an ideal situation--a young guy on the depth chart behind the vet.

An Argo-Cat fan

all Signs point to a trade but there just that signs.
Obie and team have Every Right to Keep him.

Right Hamilton Dose have some holes to fill
at Defence tackle for one.

Where or not He Traded is up to Ticat Brass.