Chris Bauman

How is chris looking in camp so far i haven't got a chance to get down yet.

He looked better then last year.
Boy as he Bulk up .. They have him listed at 211 pounds
I say he is closer to 220 to 225

He should be a Starting Slot this year.
His catching has got better with the Extra Size.
Plus he got a Great Attitude going into his 2nd year.

So he looking like a Jason Clermount if he can have half of jason success that i will be a happy man :smiley:

Bauman will be a good receiver in this league. People have hated on Chris for half a season now on this forum. Understand he was a rookie, people and dont expect him to have 800 yrds and 4 td's when the teams top receivers would have a difficult time reaching those last year.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Chris Bauman in action this season. Last year, there was nothing going on for the offense. We had an injured head case at QB, and no scheme worth a pinch. This will be Chris's first season with a real offense, directed by a real QB. Bauman's a real banger, with good speed, toughness, and good hands. He'll be outstanding in his sophomore season, and in many more to follow.

I can remember Chris lining up against some very undersized DBs and the Cats QBs not looking his way.
He is a physical mis-match for many defensive teams, and if he can gain the confidence of the QBs he will be VERY productive.

holy-makinaw! optimism and positive feedback from the Tiger-Cats faithfull, I don't believe my eyes!!!

The kid has worked his Butt off
Right now he desires the benefit of the doubt
I am proud of him..

I notice his bigger size even on Ti-Cats TV with those baggy practice duds on.

Its obvious that he desires success and now he has better tools and a better attitude. I look for a 700+ yard season out of him.

It takes time for most quality non-import receivers to establish themselves in this league. I expect bigger and better things from Bauman this year. Developing a rapport with Casey et al from the start in training camp ought to auger well for his progress this campaign.

Oski Wee Wee,

Many of the criticisms I have heard about Bauman sounded quite similar to those that I heard about Fantuz not too long ago. In fact, Fantuz was not even a starter in the first few games of the 2007 season. I thought one of the reasons Bauman was not quite as good as some thought he would be last year was because he was a rookie with much to learn. As I recall, he did make a few mistakes one would expect from a rookie. But as he makes fewer of these mistakes, I'm sure we'll be reminded why he was the first overall pick of the 2007 draft.

I also recall that Bauman was used as a WR last year, when he might be better suited to being an SB. With his size, I'm sure he could so well as an SB. And in one of those predictions that I make prior to CFL seasons, I'll say this: I predict Bauman will prove that he'll be good enough to be a starting SB in this league by the end of this season.

It's all fine and dandy that he bulked up as long as he didn't lose any speed and agility. Bauman seemed pretty quick for a guy his size and didn't seem to have needed any extra muscle, because really was getting open a problem for him? No. Was he being tossed around like a rag doll and being physically owned by db's? No.

The only noticable flaw was his catching and that should have been his number one concern and I hope that's what his main focus in the offseason was. If he ironed that out and hasn't lost any quickness then I'd expect 1000 yards plus and should be a go to guy in the redzone.

That's good that he's bulked up, but that won't help his hands. Hopefully he worked on those in the offseason. I'm still up in the air about him. Not sure if I like him as a receiver or not.

I was wondering if the Canadian receivers really have any competition in camp besides each other. What is there, three of them? Probably two will be kept because of the ratio. I wonder if Bauman would've started last year if he wasn't Canadian. And it seems that he's penciled in at slot already, solely on "potential". I'll suspend my judgement until I see him play. But at this point he has alot to prove.

You may want to read this

What exactly were you expecting out a first year CDN on a struggling team?

370 yards in 14 games with one 81 yd game and CDN of the week honours all in the middle of a horrid offense with 4 diff. QBS.
Been rookie CDNs who would have killed for those totals.

Bauman will be just fine, thanks.

I hope Bauman does well this year!!

It would great to have a slot back even half as reliable as the great Rocky Dipietro.

Canadian or not, I expect more. No doubt it's tough. But if you can't make the plays you shouldn't be starting. Canadian or not. I'm tired of the "good enough for a Canadian" mentality. I'm not just talking about his stats. If he had caught most of what was thrown his way, then fine. But he didn't impress. Now, Jason French on the other hand is an excellent Canadian receiver. He made a lot of nice grabs last year. I hear he's having a good camp this year too. I think he is our best Canadian receiver, and a legitimate starter candidate.

OnKnight, that's great that this new kid is giving Bauman some competition. But that's my point. The Canadian receivers are competing only against the Canadians. Which means that a receiver who may be better will probably be cut due to his country status. But this is the CFL and that's ratios.

Guys, that fact that he is a 1st round pick and will be every chance to start. Regardless what happens in camp he will a starting receiver with the kid or Quebec nipping at his heels

More of what?
What were his numbers supposed to be?
No point in comparing him to French he's not a rookie and doesnt play the same position.

Did you even watch Bauman play last year or just see the highlights of his bad game in EDM?

Right. Because I disagree with you, I must've never even seen the kid play. I saw every game he played last year. The edmonton game was horrible, I agree.

I'm not talking strictly about NUMBERS. French didn't have great numbers either. And he didn't play much. But when he was in there he caught everything, and scored touchdowns. I saw Bauman play. I never felt confident that he could catch the ball at a crucial time.

Look, I just didn't see anything to get excited about. He caught a few balls. Nothing spectacular. Rookie, sophmore or veteran...I want someone in that position who will be more productive and reliable. If that is him, then fine. Maybe he's improved.

It sounds like Earnest Jackson will be a lock at one SB position anyhow. Oh, and Bauman and French did play the same position last year. As I recall they both put in time at SB and WR.