Chris Bauman

This kid's got a lot of potential. There's no doubt he's going to be a solid receiver in the cfl. Having said that, I don't think he's ready for a starting role right now. He's dropped some easy passes and I think it's harming his confidence.
Maybe better to start French over Bauman.

what is this harming confidence talk. i dont buy it.

Struggle makes many people even stronger.

The only way the kid is going to learn is by being on the field at this time. He has everything to gain. We are not in a playoff race therefore give him the starting reps this way he has a good half year of CFL experience under his belt for next year. It is a good luxury if we could have a starting Canadian RB,SB and WR.

He will be good in fact I wouldn't mind seeing him in the slot just to see if he has Clermont type potential.

Or by learning from watching a old pro in action from the sidelines where things aren't moving 100 MPH.

I find his tendency to drop balls troubling. You can learn to run routes, learn how to get open, learn how to help out your QB on broken plays, etc. but catching balls seems to be a pretty basic skill--either you can or you can't.

I haven't written him off but he's got to start showing more than he has.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bauman has potential with his size and athletic ability, but man, his hands don't look too soft. He's dropped a number of very catchable balls this season. He'd better step it up if he wants to stick in this league.

This guy showed potential in his first game. Since then he has dropped a few catchable balls but give him a chance.

Re dropped passes... I bet the receivers were so surprised the passes got to them, they dropped them out of pure shock. LOL! This week should be better, now that they know what a ball looks like.

If he keeps dropping the ball, he has to go. It brutal watching him play. Everytime the ball is thrown to him is a gamble. The jury is still out on this guy. He drops passes at crucial times in the game like when we are in need of a first down to keep the drive going it will be in his hands and then on the groung.

I don't know, man. Those receivers have been dropping balls all year. Remember Bauman in the last few seconds of that game against Edmonton, dropping an easy catch that would have put the TiCats in field-goal range for the winner?

Ralph will drop the ball any time he thinks he's going to get hit. Guy has no stomach for making the tough catches in traffic.

A big difference between the CIS and the CFL. This kid will be a good one, just needs a bit more time at this level I think. Next year, watch out.

Fantuz had the dropsies earlier this year and the Riders benched him. Now he has come back strong.

Maybe Bauman needs a taste of the pine to wake his hands up, too.

The problem with that is, we have no one good to take his place.

Learning how to move, read and tilt on the field can be learned this way. Catching a ball is somethign we learned in the playground.

Doe she sit anywhere near Brock in the dressingroom? I think he's caught Brock-itis. Give the man shots, quick.

An Argo-Cat fan

rookies like him with a big upside have a learning curve im sure some great canadian recievers had the same thing but go on to have sure hands this season is a right off so no need to bench him let him play and learn all he can for nxt year.

Chris Bauman is a kid with a great future ahead of him. He needs all the playing time he can get, so he can work at CFL speed and perfect his timing. Casey Printers will eventually settle down enough, with adequate O-line play, to be able to see all his receivers, and Bauman is a big target, who will soon be as reliable as a Timex watch. He'll take a lickin', and keep on tickin'. The best is yet to be.

Bauman - a definite Blue Chipper!

We are lucky to have him.

He will be a star in this league.

Great size......has good hands (most of the time)

I'm a Bauman fan but right now his hands seem to be made out of stone. Maybe it's a confidence thing but he has been good for at least a drop a game since the Edmonton game. The labourday game he dropped a 17 yard pass, the rematch he dropped one and last week he dropped 2 and I missed the Montreal game but I assume he dropped at least one.

Remember Mike Morreale's last year in Hamilton before he took off for Toronto, he couldn't catch a cold. When he came back, his catches were highlight films: if he could get his hand on it, it was caught. The kid just needs to get his confidance. Don't give up on him too soon, he could end up one of the greats when he learns to use his size.