Chris Bauman

Its hard to be positive but you know what lets start now! We all know the negitives but I would like to point out Chris Bauman this guy is our BEST receiver, well aleast he show he can be.

What is your thoughts and please keep your posts positive.

Oh yeah, this guy was making great catches all game. They were commenting on TV that he was using his hands, also another plus.

He had a good game in spite of a limited scheme. I'd love to see more of him to see if its real

Definately Bauman will be our best receiver next week aswell.

Bauman is a great improvement!!!

Not at all.

Impressive debut for Bauman.

Maas 66% for 341 yards.

His catches were average. It was his abilty to run routes and get open that was impressive. Exactly what we;ve been missing.

Kudos to Nate Curry too.

Yes Bauman had a great first game, but let's not go overboard thinking he's the second coming just yet. Guys get up for certain games like their first game, or when they go back home and things of that nature. I'd like to see him do it over a period of time first, but he definitely showed well tonight.

i agree bauman was great! but maas going 66% for 341 yards doesnt mean anything when he cant throw a TD pass

Kudos to all our receivers they all did well tonight. We just need to see Timmy Chang in there, Maas has played well for the last two games but he's just not getting it done.

Well then how can Bauman's performance be great if he didn't catch a TD?

Double standard.

By your standards either Bauman's performance didn't mean anything, or Maas played great.

Which is it?

I think this quote will be my EVERY post for the rest of the night.

Bauman played awesome, the kid has great hands and isn't afraid to dive for a ball, kind of disappointing he wasn't used much in the 3rd Q but all in all what a GREAT debut!!!!

Maas played great tonight too, 66% is pretty solid and 341 yards... nice job!!

but the ball is touching maas' hands every play of the game

and its not chris bauman that fails to get his team to the redzone....he cant be open evry play....and when we do get to the endzone chris bauman isnt the one that throws into traffic and almost gets picked off

and its not chris bauman that has started every game in the key position to a football team and only thrown 2 td passes in 5 starts

and also it was chris bauman's first cfl start u shouldnt expect him to get into the endzone

So it's ok that Bauman CAN'T get OPEN every play, but you expect Maas to COMPLETE every pass??

I expect him to complete at leat 4 longer than 10 yards downfield and I expect him to get more than one TD every 5 games

but Bauman is running a route on every pass play of the game

and its not Jason Maas that fails to get open in the redzone....he cant complete evry pass....and when we do get to the endzone Jason Maas isnt the one that runs the routes and can't get open.

and its not Jason Maas that runs five pass routes per play and only catches 2 td passes in 5 games

and also it was Jason Maas' fifth start with a new system, new coaches and new receivers. u shouldnt expect him to get into the endzone often until the team has a reasonable amount of time playing together

Blah blah blah. Nothing but excuses. We've been hearing them for 2 years now

yep these people still think we have the right QB in the ball game.....why i dont no

I just checked the stats and stoppped counting at 14 passes of at least 10 yards. Where are you getting your info?

The throws were not that long. YAC