Chris Bauman on Fan 590

Sorry for the late heads up, he's on with me at 11:40 this morning.

Fan 590


channel 959 on Express Vu

Hey Mike,

What are your thoughts on the Cats' draft yesterday?

How can you not like it?

They got the player (Bauman) who they felt was not only the best in the draft, but who also plays a position they desperately have to upgrade. Getting Getzlaf later may be a bonus.

Bekasiak would compete for a job now if he lands in camp this spring. Long term he and Gyetvai may be the two best players in the draft...Gyetvai would have been a big gamble though as he may stick down south.

Rempel and Ince are different styles but again, add valuable depth to a position that needs it.

Pavlovic will come in and give Radlein some competition.

One never knows how these things work out, but at this stage I think the Cats did exceptionally well.

Hey Hoagie, great job on the webcast, you and Duane both.

I enjoyed it thoroughly! Very nicely done.

Thanks, we had a lot of fun doing it.

thanks Mike Enjoyed it my Self