Chris and Jodi, Y108 morning personalities fired!

Hi All:

I've been sick in bed this week and just got this news.

I feel the need to call the community to rally behind Chris and Jodi.

For those of you who listen to Y108 they've fired Chris and Jodi! Who are mine and many Ticat fans favorite morning personalities.

When I tried to email Jodi this is what I recieved.:

[b]Thank you for your e-mail. Jodi Gaskell is no longer with Y108. If this is a business matter and you need to reach someone, please contact Program Director, Derm Carnduff at

Here's his email through the Y108 sight:


Jodi and Chris have been huge supporters of the Ticats and avid fans. Please join me in contacing this Derm Carnduff and letting him know he made a mistake.

His email box if full so call Y108's general mail box address the message to him and let him know how you feel. Reception: 905.521.9900

First a Cat's loosing season and now this...
man this sucks.

Jodi and Chris, we hope you are okay and maybe we can get ya back!

Did Mitchell fire them because he didn't like them?

Hey I know this isn't directly football related but both Jodi and Chris were huge fans and of the CFL and I know Jodi loves her Cats.

They always talked up the games and helped get the Ticat hype going.

Let's rally behind them.


Corus is famous for this.

It's a dog eat dog business...driven by ratings.

Both will land on their feet somewhere else, maybe even together.

Direct your anger to Corus. They make these calls, not the patsies occupying offices on Main St.

I don't listen to Y95 anymore
I have Sirius in My Car.
Howard Stern and Classic 80
The sound is better then FM Raido .

8) They should have fired those two jokers on the CHML morning show instead !!!!! :wink:

As the promo on C101.5 says...
"Commercial radio s*cks"


Actually I didn't care for them and stopped listeniing to 108 some time ago and only recently started listening to Alice Cooper on 108.

Im a big Ticats fan and I would like to work at Ford
Can we start an email blitz ?

Only if you get canned from Ford.
Good luck in getting in, and let us know when you get fired!

Yes, they were big Cats fans and that is great but their radio program was terrible.

I glad they are gone.

Now, lets get on with building our Grey Cup 2008 champion Cats!

How can you rally behind people because they were fired...when you don't know why they were fired?
For all we know they were doing something that completely justified their termination.

yeah, no doubt. I didn't listen to them much in the mornings...but they were my alt to Dean Blundell...which isn't great either.

i thought their ratings were supposed to be pretty strong...must have been something else. Actually, i think it was on Jodi's blog where I saw that Vanier Cup injury.

Liked how they support the local stuff.