Chris Ackie Signs

Excellent news! We`ve all been asking.

Good news.

Great news … so by recognizing the season was lost Als and trading Ackie the Als get Nate Anderson and lose Ackie for 8 games … not a horrible result in the end … undoubtedly expensive … but not bad … score ONE for Kavis Reed … he is now only down 5,923.

EDIT: Better word than “recognizing” would be “accepting”

After the trade with Ottawa last year, Noel Thorpe chose to play somebody currently out of the league (Kyries Hebert) over Chris Ackie at linebacker.

Signing is fine if Bo Lokombo and Taylor Loffler are injured, but what happens when both of them and Ackie are all healthy? They all make too much to sit, and it would not be a good idea to play one of them out of position.

My suspicion is the Als most expensive player is a safety with someone who could also end up playing there this season not far from the top.

I don’t worry at all,okie, with what may happen when both Bo Lokombo and Taylor Loftier return. Cap wise, the Als can afford all these 3 players; furthermore,they would be stronger. More flexibility ratio wise.

Great news! Let’s hope that he’s ready sooner than later.


Kavis the genius

Maybe Chris played QB back in high school?

Je ne sais pas si je dirai “genius?.

Yes! This is great news! Should allow us to play an American on the OL.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. :wink:


It is very possible Loffler’s career is over. He’s had multiple problems with his knees and it came into play in his negotiations with Winnipeg.

It’s official.

Or not …

The team also announced that Canadian safety Taylor Loffler has been placed on active roster and is expected to return to the lineup this Saturday in Ottawa.

even a broken clock … but close enough

That’s great news!

Ackie has proved to be a big signing in this short time.
Loffler Returning has also been huge.
Bo Lokombo was a great signing in FA.
& They already had MLB Henoc Muamba.
Held the Esks to 10 Points today on the way to 3 straight wins.
By the way they are all 4 Canadian Nationals. And they are all at the top of their games.

Have to give Kavis credit for that. He invested heavily in national starters on the defensive side of the ball and it’s paying off.

I can’t wait to hear his side of the story… I’m curious how the CFL will deal with the issue it if it comes out that the Als were using the “numbered company scheme” for decades. Seeing names like Popp, Bob Wetenhall, Desjardins and others named as witnesses in a court case would be a pretty explosive situation for the league.

It would explain how the Wetenhalls were able to keep the team going for years despite the small seating at Molson Stadium.

They’d better not push Kavis too hard or else the skeletons will come tumbling out of the closet.