Chorus of Boos for Mr. Bettman

When the Conn Smythe and the Stanley cup were presented this evening, did anyone happen to catch the boo's that plastered Gary Bettman???

Way to Go Detroit Fans!!!!!

I LMAO at it… he’s deserves it so much!

It was funny as hell! you couldnt even hear him when he gave his speech when handed over the cup! This must be one of the most hated men ever! :lol:

There is nothing about that man that I like.

He looks like a weasle.

Weasels everywhere are insulted by that.....................

I thought it was well deserved :thup: Even Americans don't like that dude. I am sure there were plenty of us Canucks there as well.

I loved the booing of Bettman!

It was doubly deserved when he used his presentation "speech" for his political purposes, saying something like" See how the Pengiuns were saved and now they won the cup". As if the Penguin situation is akin to the Coyotes' situation. Not a chance! How dare he do that to the Pittsburgh Penguins at the moment they win the cup. No class.

Also, I think we should make an effort to confine all hockey talk to the one existing thread that the mods have so kindly allowed here. Perhaps this thread can be merged.

I think that the NHL owners probably saw that as well :wink: and I think that they will be looking at removing him soon.

He is just not a good representative of hockey. I doubt he even knew the game existed until he applied for the job. :roll:

Seriously, could you picture that guy as a young man playing the game?

Is it possible that he is a relative to "Mini-Me"...aka Austin Powers! :lol:

I think Detroit was also booing the Penguins.

I really don't think they were. You could see that when the Cup was being passed around that most of the fans stayed and clapped for the Pens.

Those boos came out full force the moment Bettman stepped onto the ice.

Now... onto the Coyotes...

If the NHL had profit sharing I bet the owners would love having a team in Hamilton. All the poor teams would be guarenteed money from the Steelhawks, Leafs, etc...

But as it is now... maybe they like the team in Phoenix. It lowers the amount of money that the teams make, therefore, lowering the salary cap.

They do have profit sharing.

That's what makes this whole thing even more perplexing.

I've heard that argument before, but it makes no sense to me.

The salary cap is tied directly to revenues. Why would anyone want lower revenues?

The players can only make more money if the owners are making more money

For sure!

what a surprise , another hockey thread. :roll:

Could of sworn they were booing Crosby, because he really didn't get in line to shake the Redwings hands at games end instead was glad handing the Pens coaching staff while the rest of his team was being sportmanlike..or I suppose thats how Detroit fans saw it..

Either way I'd much rather have the boos directed at Bettman.

He is booed every year when handing out the cup. This is nothing new. Ownership has done nothing to cut him loose. Regardless, its good to see that he still get booed everywhere he goes.


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Dang! I wish I was there. Meh, I'll get it out of my system now.
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what a surprise, a couple of thread whiners :roll:

You're right.
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