i think i am full of ideas today, whether they are good bad or totally ludacris....heres another one....due to the over whelming success of friday the 13th in about this idea: CHOPPER NIGHT....first 15,000 people get a ti-cat bandana...request the guys from OCC to build a ticat chopper , to be unveiled on game day...each game leading up to the game a short video could be played showing the progress...on game day there chould be a big bike show , and at half time the bike could be unveiled....the bike could be given away via contest, sell tickets through-out the season, and the money can be donated to a charity of choice??????thoughts?

So I guess you've assumed that most Ti-Cat fans want or care about choppers?

Sorry but I doubt this would have much interest even if they did it.

The Ti Cat Bananda i mean bandana would look cool on the walls of our bedrooms eh


Oh, those choppers!


Oski Wee Radar,


Heck, it would look cool on our heads! Imagine 25,000 fans all wearing one. Or alternatively, what about the 'new bandana' -- the Buff -- as seen on shows like Survivor, used extensively in 'extreme sports' and by backpackers and hikers, and increasingly replacing the traditional bandana amongst bikers. See the link below... is a Great Idea :thup:

We would all be proud of the fact that we were "Survivors" of the last few dreadful years.

Now, of course this will only work if the bad years are behind us! (I think they are)

Oh, and by the way..there are some good Canadian Co's building some sweet rides :thup:

A "Ticat Chopper"...hey I'd buy tickets for that! :rockin:

Bandanas and choppers? Why not just have a Mafia Night? Bring in Tony Suprano to greet the folks at the gate.

Bandanas and choppers? Why not just have a Mafia Night? Bring in Tony Suprano to greet the folks at the gate.
the sarcasm and narrow mindness is pathetic..i have been on many forums and especially on this one i see lots of negativity and it seems as though there is a smart a$$ comment made whenever someone tries to make a realistic suggestion. ticatsgrr8 must not know any bikers and suffers from a common human disablement reffered to as stereotyping.not everyone that has an interest in motorcyles is associated with organized crime!!

Why don't you blow it out your @$$!

Seriously- when I read the subject line I thought that it was going to be about using helicopters for a flypast and maybe getting some celeb to slide down a line onto the field.

Just goes to show you....

Why don't you blow it out your @$$!
wow, what a well thought response...i guess its safe to assume that you are a typical teenager who comes on here and attempts to be the site comedian....btw, your doing a lousy job and you may want to go back and finish high school!

mark, i kinda like the idea of those choppers too!!!maybe have stripes slide down with the coin for the coin toss??????hmmmmmmm????????my heading was vague and i apologize if it misled you mark

Yeah? Your girlfriend doesn't think so, wannabe.

lol, the infamous "your girlfriend" assumption regarding your age is proved to be correct.isn' dora the explorer on? shouldnt you be a good little boy and go watch it?

Hammerjoe! WOW! That is so imposing. Did your big sister help you to come up with that? Maybe a good idea would be to have skate board parking for people like you who will never amount to enough to drive a car.


:roll: :roll:

wow, you are truly good, i cant believe your come backs…unfortunately, i cannot continue this useless conversation with a teenager because i must go (in my car) and pick up my girlfriend(whom you already obviously know) from work. i guess i will see you at the game tonight. better get to the bus stop early it would suck if you missed the bus and couldnt attend the game. we need fans like you! i will watch for you at the game, i assume you will be the one asking for everyones spare change outside the stadium.

LOL. You're good, I give you that. Yes I will be asking people for spare change to give to you so you won't have to go around looking for the backwash in the bottoms of the discarded cups when your girlfriend sends you down for a cold one.