Chop...Chop..Chop...3 heads in the basket...


Now....who should they be ???????

:oops: :oops: :oops:


Done. game.

Let's see.

Jason Farr
Glen Suitor
Any about Mike O'Shea?

Any Argo?? Arland Bruce da turd.

Scott Mitchell (the one in the suit)
Denny Creehan
Jonta Woodard


bad taste- beyond bad taste

perhaps its time for the Power that Runs the Chat Room to strike and for the above comment to be mercifully deleted..

  1. the dreaded three man rush zone defense.
  2. Coach Easley, he looks more shocked, surprised and unorganized at the end of every play than any coach I have ever seen in the history of football.
  3. Jonta Woodard. I just don't think he can keep up any more.

and who do u suggest gets fired.

I was posting my opinion....just like every1 else was posting theres

ohhhhhhhh shittttt.
I didn't even think of the greyhound thing when reaading the title of this.

whether this was a coincidence or not, jeez. rough.rough.rough.

if the mods thought it was bad it would be gone.

you are an idiot!!!!

I don't get it. What am I missing?

lmao that was a little harsh but soo funny even though it took me about 3 minutes to get.

I've been living in a cave for the last day or so, so I initially thought the greyhound remark was alluding to the general phenomenon of multiple team members dying in a bus crash. Now I suspect it was meant to refer to the horrifying stabbing and beheading of a passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba this week.

anyone making a joke about the tragedy yesterday is truly an idiot.

-anyone on the O-Line. We basically have no O-Line. Jesse has made them look better than they are. Williams could have been sacked 20 times if he wasn't creative with his feet. They should be ashamed to collect paycheques the last two weeks, this bunch of overrated bums. Dyakowski should be cut IMMEDIATELY, because he is especially terrible, but what Canadian do you replace him with? We have no depth.

-anyone on the D-Line. Zero pressure all night. Again. Look for McKay, especially, to be dealt or cut this week. This guy is making a mint and not earning a penny of it.

-Taaffe. We have a kicker who can punt the ball 90 yards, but in the third quarter, Charlie decides to give Montreal 2 free points by giving up a safety so we can gain field position by kicking off from the 35 instead. Setta then kicks it out of bounds, giving Montreal the ball at midfield. This took our momentum away. We went from being down by a TD to being down by 9. Does Taaffe realize that we can't give points away, because we have trouble scoring them ourselves? Apparently not. I must have said the word "ridiculous" out loud 60 times after that decision. Plus, Taaffe is too soft. Mariuz and Botterill should have both been verbally thrashed after their dumb penalties on special teams, but there was no accountability in that regard. Plus, Taaffe should have torn a strip off of the DB's who busted coverages on both long Montreal passing TD's, but again, there are no verbal reprimands. Same thing with the O and D Line clowns. Honestly, I think Charlie sees the writing on the wall, and just didn't want to waste his breath. What a professional!

Well let me clear it up for you. Some psycho got on a bus in Winnipeg heading for Portage La Prairie. He pulled out a hunting knife and proceeded to stab the man beside him (who he didn't know) to death and decapitate him. I won't go into the details of the rest of it, but let's say it will always be too soon for a Greyhound bus joke. Typical classy Ticat fan.

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